Glen MacDonald

Mr. Glen MacDonald of the Center for Human Development and Disabilities, and the Virginia Merrill Bloedel Hearing Research Center at the University of Washington (http://depts.washington.edu/hearing/) is an expert in digital microscopy and supports a range of researchers with his valuable combination of technical and biological knowledge. He advises researchers on research methodology, design and techniques, to optimize the experiment's compatibility with the needed imaging or image processing. He also organizes courses on imaging, focusing on basics, equipment optimization or imaging software. As an imaging scientist, he knows the value of good imaging software. He has been using the Huygens software since 2003, and has created some beautiful images with it (examples below). About Huygens he says "I find that it does a better job, with fewer artifacts, than a lot of other packages."

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Fig 1 (a) Axons from the spiral ganglion innervate the inner hair cells in the mouse inner ear. The hair cells are labeled for calretinin (red), the nerve fibers are labeled for 200 kD neurofilament (green) and nuclei are blue. Image from a wide-field microscope (b) Portion of the lower turn in the mouse inner ear. Green are nuclei, red inner hair cells (calcretinin). Image from a confocal microscope.