"Wiki wiki" means "quick" in Hawai'ian.

All you really need to know is:

  • To edit a page click on the Edit link at the bottom of the page or click the edit icon at the top right of a paragraph. You should do that right now, and read the source code of this page. It will make more sense.
  • You get italics by surrounding words with two single quotes on either side ''like this'' like this
  • You get __bold text__ bold text by using two underscores on either side.
  • And, __''bold italics''__ bold italics by using both.
  • You get bullets by using an asterisk * at the start of the line, use the number sign # for enumerations.
  • To have plain monospaced font, indent with a space:

  • You can separate paragraphs with an extra blank line. Example:

I am a paragraph. there are now 2 sentences in the paragraph.

I am a paragraph too. We're just very small paragraphs.

  • To link to pages outside the Wiki, you can just type in the URL and Wiki will link it for you: [http://www.nytimes.com/] http://www.nytimes.com/

This is the basics to edit existing articles. For more detailed information, you can also see TextFormattingRules.

Now you are ready to begin AddingPages, apart from editing the existing ones:

  • To create hyperlinks you capitalize the words string them together and add brackets around them. Let's say you want to create a page about how Steve Wainstead eats worms. All you have to do is capitalize each word, string them together and bracket the result, like this: [SteveWainsteadEatsWorms|steve wain eats worms] which will result in a hyperlink on the string "steve wain eats worms". When you want the hyperlink to be the same string as the page name, use round brackets instead. For example, ((HomePage)) will become HomePage.