HRM screenshots

The HRM is a web task manager for servers that acts as an interface to Huygens Core to do multiuser batch deconvolution. Users are guided in the process of

  • defining parameter settings to properly describe their images,
  • establishing task settings to control the deconvolution algorithms,
  • selecting the images to deconvolve from the ones available on the file server
  • and finally queuing the tasks in the batch for processing.

Since version 1.1, and if the administrator allows it, previews of the original images can be generated on the fly to see clearly which images are selected for deconvolution. By doing so, it can be verified whether the currently selected setting is suitable for the image: the image preview will report the image size and the number of channels. The channels will be colored using the emission wavelengths of the currently selected setting. A scale bar based on the entered sampling distances is shown. 3D images will show top (XY) and lateral (XZ) projections so the user can visually verify the sampling in all directions. Moreover, the previews can be recreated at any time.


A file manager allows the user to browse the deconvolved images. The images can be deleted and, if allowed by the administrator, also downloaded conveniently packed. Clicking on an image name leads the user to a preview of the result that can be expanded:


When a task is completed a notification email is sent to the user. This email contains information about the restoration process. It also includes a direct link to an expanded image preview showing an MIP comparison of the original image and the restored one:


From this expanded view the image can be directly downloaded. A comparison of SFP previews of the original and restored images can also be displayed:


A preview of the 3D stack can also be downloaded as an animation that can be displayed on a movie player:


Find more screenshots at the HRM project page.

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