Huygens Crosstalk Corrector

Estimate and correct crosstalk for reliable analysis.

Crosstalk (aka bleed-through or crossover) is a serious problem when analysing multichannel microscopy images, because you record some signal as a certain dye when it really comes from a different one. With Huygens CrossTalk Corrector you can quickly estimate and correct crosstalk between multiple fluorescent channels simultaneaously. We highly recommend to correct for crosstalk before performing deconvolution, and to consider also chromatic aberration correction. Especially, if you continue with image analysis that involves multiple channels, like for example colocalization analysis.

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Image description:
Mitochondrial (TMRM) red signal is also detected as signal in the green Lipid Droplet (BODIPY) channel due to crosstalk (left side of the image). This crosstalk gives a wrong representation of the lipid droplet structures and will have a serious impact on subsequent analysis. The right side of this image has been corrected for crosstalk with Huygens Crosstalk Corrector and shows both channels or only the green lipid droplets. This spinning disk image was kindly provided by Kevin Knoops (Microscopy CORE Lab), Sabine Daemen and Matthijs Hesselink, Maastricht University, The Netherlands.

Automatic and Easy

Quickly access if your image suffers from crosstalk using automated estimation, and correct the crosstalk with one additional click of a button.

Accurate correction

Estimated crosstalk is visualized in a large 2D histogram for easy verification and adjustment, with previews of the corrected image as a histogram and MIP.

Coefficient Matrix

Use the coefficient matrix to see and change the crosstalk coefficients of all channels (up to 32).

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This two channel multiphoton image shows a live mouse brain (anesthetized animal), expressing GFP in microglia cells and CFP in astrocytes. Because the emission spectra overlap and NDD detectors were used, there is a very serious problem with crosstalk/bleedthrough falsely suggesting there are double stained cells (see arrowheads). Huygens Crosstalk Corrector succesfully corrects the bleedthrough. Image kindly provided by Dr. Dimitra Thomaidou group, Neurobiology department and Light Microscopy Unit, Hellenic Pasteur Institute, Greece.

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