Huygens Titan: index, find, view, annotate, and group your microscopy images!

Easy to Install

Huygens Titan is part of the Huygens Suite installer for Windows and Linux.

Index all your Images

Index and annotate 2D-5D images without modifying or moving your original data.

FREE Premium Version

Titan can be used completely FREE OF CHARGE up to 200 GB.


Index local, mobile USB, and network drives. Preserves your original data.

Search and View

Efficiently search and view your multi-dimensional microscopy images.

Optimized Workflow

Efficiently send selected images to Essential or Professional, or view them in your file manager.

Titan Premium: FREE!

Titan is an unique microscopy image indexer, which does more than a centralized database solution. Your images stay on the original storage location(s), which are automatically monitored by Titan. Users can browse, search through and visualize the indexed images for an optimized workflow. Titan Premium has a free indexing limit of 200 GB. For more image data it is possible to upgrade to Titan Large (4 TB) or Titan Extreme (8 TB), If interested please contact us for a tailored solution.

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Thumbnail Browsing: efficiently browse through your images

Browsing through all your microscopy images can be very time consuming, as most microscopy software packages open images in RAM. By contrast, Titan first indexes and generates MIP thumbnails of all your images. This allows for ultra-fast and easy browsing through terabytes of image data. As Titan can read many different microscopy file formats, this is great for anyone working with large datasets. Even embedded (sub)images such as Leica LIF or CZI are indexed and shown as individual thumbnails. Stop wasting valuable research time and start using Huygens Titan!

Statistics and Meta-data: explore essential image information

Besides image thumbnails, Titan also indexes the metadata and statistics from the images. Parameters such as sampling, numerical aperture, microscope type, intensity histograms, and microscope type-specific parameters like those for confocal, STED, widefield, multi-photon and spinning disk systems are indexed. Titan can index multiple file directories as long as they are accessible. These directories may be on local hard-drives, USB-disks, and network drives.

Advanced Searching: never loose track of any image again

With the built-in search option, you can efficiently search for images based on filename, modification date, microscope type and other image meta-data properties. Additionally, it is possible to use keywords and combine search parameters to find within milliseconds your image(s) of interest from a pool of ten-thousands of images.

Annotate Images: efficiently organize your images

Images can be annotated with specific keywords and comments, and can be assigned to different projects. By annotating images, you can virtually organize your images without the need of moving them around. The annotations are stored in a text-based annotation file, which is stored in the same directory as the original image. So, even if Titan would be completely removed from the system, the annotations will remain save.

Visualization: view your images in detail

View 2D-3D multi-channel data and time series images within the Huygens Titan Light Box. The Light Box is an advanced slicer-tool that can slice through any 3D dataset or time-series for detailed visualization. For advanced 3D visualization and image processing, you can send the selected images with one click to Huygens Essential or Professional.

Optimized Workflow: taking it one step further

Selected images can be viewed and located with one button-click in the File Manager of your operating system for further editing. Images can also be directly opened in Essential and Professional for deconvolution, restoration and analysis.

Tutorial and Download: get started!

The Titan tutorial movie allows you to get started with Huygens Titan quickly. When you install the Huygens Suite on your computer, also feel free to try out our other products.

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Huygens Titan: what's in a name?

In 1655, Christiaan Huygens discovered a moon at 1,221,830 km from Saturn: Titan, also known as Saturn VI, which is often abbreviated as SVI, just like in Scientific Volume Imaging. For more on the name Huygens Titan, see here.

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