Huygens Image/Movie Contest 2017

Have a big chance to win an Asus laptop by submitting your most favorite image and/or movie created with Huygens!

__Closing date was December 1, 2017, but is extended to December 4th.

The Winner receives an Asus C300SA-FN005 Chromebook (4GB RAM, 32GB SSD), and the next 4 finalists a Google Chromecast Audio or Video.

Images can be sent to contest at svi.nl. If the file is too large to be sent by email you can use this upload site. Winners will be informed before December 15, 2017.

Suggestion: Feel free to download the Huygens Suite on your own computer and contact us (info@svi.nl) for free test licenses with all options (including 3D Visualization and the MovieMaker) activated.

With uploading your data sets you agree that SVI can use the image for commercial and educational purposes. Acceptable entries include a short description of the imaged object and in what way Huygens was used. Do not forget to include your name and Institute address.

Of course, you are more than welcome to submit multiple images or movies!

You can download the following Image Contest 2017 flyer to advertise this contest in your facility/Institute.

We look forward to seeing your image(s)/movie(s)!
The SVI team

Winner Image Contest 2016 (see here for the other 2016 prize winners).

Cetagory "Tissue and Organisms": Image from Mrs. Outi Paloheimo from the Neuro Group BioMediTech, and Imaging Facility, University of Tampere, Finland of a portion of the wing of ''Pieris brassicae'' (cabbage butterfly) imaged with confocal and deconvolved with the Huygens software.