Invitation for Huygens Webinar

SVI will organize the 26th of September 2017 a webinar about Optimizing colocalization studies with Huygens. Colocalization studies provide an important insight on several biological processes, and Huygens can help you in getting the most accurate colocalization results. Huygens deconvolution improves resolution, contrast and signal to noise ratio, reducing the effect of Blur And Noise in Colocalization studies. Our Restoration Options also correct the images for the other aberrations, getting them ready for an accurate analysis. For what concerns the analysis, the Colocalization Analyzer works more at the level of the whole image, and the Object Analyzer also provides colocalization measurements at the object level.

The Huygens Webinar about Optimizing colocalization studies with Huygens took take place on Tuesday 26th of September 2017. The registration for the webinar is now closed. You can find more information about the webinar schedule via this link.

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