HAPPY 2019 and SVI starts with TWO HUYGENS Webinars in January 2019!

Tuesday 18 of December, 2018
After wonderful seasonal holidays we'll be back straight with TWO wonderful webinars. Don't miss them!

On January 15, 2019 we will give on many requests a rerun of all new features and options in the HUYGENS 18.10 release.
You can subscribe HERE

And on January 29, 2019 we will give a HUYGENS CORE_HRM webinar which showcases the many wonderful new features and options now also available in tthis unique web-based Huygens solution up to hundreds of simultaneous users!
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November 27th, 2018 Webinar on the novel Huygens solutions for Array detector systems (Airyscan)

Wednesday 14 of November, 2018
We like to invite you for the Huygens webinar about the new ARRAY DETECTOR solution which will be on November 27, 2018!

All modes of the Zeiss Airyscan® and of nanoSPAD microscope systems can be handled with this Huygens solution. The Webinar will provide background information and practical guidance on how to optimally use the Huygens Array Detector solution for your Zeiss Airyscan® and nanoSPAD microscopes!

To reserve a seat, please register via this link:

More info about this new option:

Huygens software 18.10 available!

Wednesday 31 of October, 2018
Huygens software 18.10 is now available for download! After installing this exciting new version, please make sure to request a test license via sales at svi.nl.

Including for instance brand new deconvolution options for a.o. Zeiss Airyscan data and new Colocalization Analyzer modules! More information can be found in the What's New list!

Next Tuesday, November 13, we will bring you up-to-date on this new version in the What's New webinar!

Please join by following this link: https://svi.nl/webinarwhatsNewRelease1810

November 13, 2018: Huygens webinar WhatsNew 18.10 (9AM and 5PM CET, EST, PST)

Wednesday 24 of October, 2018
What's New - Huygens 18.10 version. In a nutshell Array detector systems (Airyscan and SPAD) will become part of the Huygens superresolution family, The most used analysis tool in microscopy, Colocalization, is further enhanced and made even more accessible, we'll also welcome the Abberior STED microscopes in the STED superresolution systems plus the GPU usage now applies for all parts of Huygens with usage of multiple superlarge GPU cards. real-time high quality deconvolution was never so close!

Are you interested in the recording of the webinar? email sales at svi.nl

Upcoming SVI-BiteSizeBio webinar: Reliable quantification of fluorescence images

Friday 28 of September, 2018
SVI is happy to announce the webinar "Reliable quantification of fluorescence images: from raw data to reproducible results" (9th of October 2018), organized in collaboration with BiteSizeBio. In this webinar, you will learn how to overcome issues with stage drift and crosstalk between channels, how to obtain reliable images and reproducible quantification results, how to proceed with advanced image analysis after restoring images. During fluorescence image acquisition, many experimental uncertainties are introduced that affect the correct object interpretation and analysis. The blurring and the noise implicit in the image formation are two of the largest sources of experimental trouble. Additional aberrations, such as stage drift, and crosstalk and chromatic aberration between channels, can also affect the imaging. Huygens image deconvolution and restoration is a proven method to revert these issues and recover a more realistic representation of the original object. After restoration of the image, you can proceed with the advanced Huygens analysis options for colocalization, object measurements, and tracking. This webinar will illustrate how you can make optimal use of the complete Huygens workflow to obtain reliable images and reproducible quantification results, focusing on the advanced analysis options offered by the Huygens software.

Subscription is open at this BiteSizeBio page.

Light-sheet Fusion & Deconvolution Webinar, Held September 18th, 2018

Wednesday 19 of September, 2018
Many customers joined this interesting webinar which described the latest developments in Light-sheet/SPIM deconvolution and fusion in Huygens.

They got a general overview plus an update on developments since Spring 2017 when we introduced the first Huygens wizard for Light-sheet images.
The invitation is closed now and customers who subscribed will receive the recording.

Cover and article on Huygens Light Sheet Fusion and Deconvolution Wizard in current Microscopy Today issue

Thursday 13 of September, 2018
Together with several research groups (see co-author list below), SVI has published an article and cover in the September issue of Microscopy Today on "Restoration of Light Sheet Multi-View Data with the Huygens Fusion and Deconvolution Wizard".
The article describes the Huygens Fusion and Deconvolution Wizard, which is a unique integrated solution for deconvolving light sheet microscopy images from various kinds of light sheet systems. Detailed descriptions are given of the fusion of multi-views of the specimen, processing of deskewed of data, and image deconvolution. Examples show significant improvements in image signal and resolution of more than 1.5-2 times.

You can access this Microscopy Today September issue for free: here.
Authors: Peter J. Verveer (1), Vincent T.G. Schoonderwoert (1), Denis Ressnikoff (2), Shane D. Elliott (3), Kiefer D. van Teutem (1), Tobias C. Walther (3) and Hans T.M. van der Voort (1)

1 Scientific Volume Imaging bv, Laapersveld 63, 1213VB, Hilversum, The Netherlands
2 CIQLE, Centre d’imagerie quantitative Lyon-Est, Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1, Lyon, France
3 Department of Genetics and Complex Diseases, Harvard University, Boston, MA

For more information on our Light Sheet Fusion and Deconvolution Wizard you can visit this online wiki page or request a free trial license by downloading Huygens.
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