Brand new version of the web-based Huygens Remote Manager downloadable with many extensions and improvements

Monday 15 of February, 2016
On Friday February 12, 2016 a major new release of the Huygens Remote Manager version 3.3.0 was issued.

This release offers several new features such as chromatic aberration correction, SPIM deconvolution, GPU support, template import from data files and Huygens Suite, a much faster and powerful OMERO connector and much more!

The Huygens Remote Manager is the webinterface to the Huygens Core. Hundreds of simultaneous users of Huygens can deconvolve their data wherever and when they want to do so via an(y) internet connection.

Huge data-sets are processed quickly and effectively.

Many facilities have it running already. If you want to joint that fastly growing group of HRM-HuCore users contact sales at svi.nl for more details and take a look at the HRM downloadpage

Please make sure to follow the step-by-step upgrade instructions if you are already running HRM 3.2.2 or older.

If you are installing from scratch, our extensive installation instructions should provide you with all the help you need:

The complete list of new features includes:

  • Create image templates from an image file
  • Import image templates from Huygens microscopy templates (.hgsm)
  • Import restoration templates from Huygens restoration templates (.hgsd)
  • Add support for GPU deconvolution
  • Add support for SPIM deconvolution
  • Add chromatic aberration correction
  • Faster and more powerful OMERO connector:
    • Complete rewrite in Python to use the native OMERO API
    • Support for downloading multiple files at once from OMERO
    • Support for OMERO image previews
    • Status caching and on-demand loading to greatly speed up OMERO tree loading times
    • Support for OMERO users and groups hierarchy
    • Upload of HRM parameters along the deconvolved result images to OMERO
    • More interactive user interface (dialogs and status messages)
  • Add group authentication for Active Directory and generic LDAP
  • Add BigTIFF file formats "btf", "tf2" and "tf8"
  • Support for 6 channels
  • New LSB-compliant HRM init and Queue Manager scripts
  • Remove deprecated 'change_ownership' variable

Do not hesitate to get in contact with the HRM development team led by Dr. Aaron Ponti via sales at svi.nl!

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