Huygens now working with high resolution 4K monitors with more than 3000 pixels vertically

Monday 06 of February, 2017
For those of you who have 4K monitors we have good news:

From Huygens 16.10.1p8 onwards your high resolution monitors, t.i. monitors with more than 3000 pixels vertically (4K monitors) will be used to the full.
If you have a 4K monitor, Huygens windows, icons and controls have the normal size as expected. But with a higher resolution Huygens automatically detects the display preference and scales Huygens accordingly.

Scaling settings can be found in Edit -> Preferences, Dpi scaling.

This 4K beta version can be found on the Huygens Beta download page.

On Windows a restart is often required when Huygens is updated.
On Linux it usually starts functioning right away.
On Apple the automatic display detection is not yet not working but it is work in progress.

Let us know your feed-back and comments as we're developing Huygens for you!

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