Huygens beta release with Fusion Wizard for SPIM and Light-Sheet microscopes downloadable soon!

Thursday 02 of March, 2017
Huygens has a SPIM optical option available for more than a year but specific fusion still needed to be done manually. In April 2017 also the SPIM/ LightSheet Fusion Wizard will be released in beta.

Combined with the SPIM/LightSheet optical Option they offer a wizard-based solution in which deconvolution, scattering correction, and restoration (fusion) of various types of multiview SPIM/Light sheet data is combined to facilitate efficient use of computational resources.

Accurate registration and fusion of multi-directional and rotational views of 3D times series is fully automated, and specific optical parameters for SPIM/Light Sheet images - like sheet direction, NA, fill factor, and focus and lateral offset - ensure optimal deconvolution results. Additional scatter models are available for correcting apparent Rayleigh scattering.

For running this betaversion you need a Huygens license which includes both the SPIM/LightSheet Optical Option and Fusion and Deconvolution Wizard.

You can find the Beta release very soon on the Huygens Downloadpage.