April 24th: BiteSizeBio SVI-Huygens webinar: the Batch Express

Thursday 19 of April, 2018
A new tool is coming soon in Huygens: the Batch Express! The high-quality Huygens deconvolution will be accessible with a fully automated image-processing pipeline within the new Batch Express option. You simply have to select the desired Watched folder and the images in the folder will be automatically deconvolved by the Batch Express within seconds. The Batch Express supports a wide range of microscope types (widefield, confocal, spinning disk, multiphoton, STED, and a variety of SPIM/Light Sheet systems) and file formats. Compatibility with your image files is not an issue. After this webinar, your images will look better than ever before!

The webinar was live the 24th of April. You can find the recording here.