Huygens webinar for users of Leica microscopes

Wednesday 28 of March, 2018
Are you a user of Leica microscopes? Join us the 11th of April for the webinar: Huygens software for users of Leica microscopes . This webinar is targeted for the users of Leica microscopes from all over the word. This webinar will help you to ensure high quality Huygens deconvolution of your Leica files. Join us the 11th of April to know more about:
  • Huygens combined with the new LASX version from 2018 onwards. What remains the same, and what changes?
  • Huygens as stand alone package to improve your results further. What is present already that you may not know about?
  • Possibilities to extend Huygens deconvolution to all your types and brands of microscopes.
With this webinar, we are looking forward to providing you more insights on your Huygens package. Recording is available via this link.

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