Huygens 18.04 Beta version available!

Tuesday 24 of April, 2018
You can download the beta release of Huygens 18.04 here in the beta section of the download page and you can request a test license after starting Huygens Professional for instance.

We are introducing a new feature in Huygens Professional and Essential: Batch Express!

It is a fully automated image processing pipeline for images present in a Watched Folder directory. Any images previously acquired or acquired on the spot, can be stored within the Watched folder and can be immediately and automatically deconvolved by Deconvolution Express. Batch Express uses smart templates and the same high-quality deconvolution algorithms that Huygens is well known for.

New Batch Express:
    • Load images automatically in Huygens for further processing
    • Deconvolution Express in batch mode
    • Gain control over the processing queue
    • Easily visualize processed images

Additional new features and tools in the 18.04 beta version are:

  • New Lattice Light Sheet Deconvolution
  • Object Stabilizer:
    • Added deskew SPIM mode for Lattice Light Sheet data
  • Triplet mode in Twin Slicer (in Basic Mode!)
  • Added “Cold Pixel” mode in Hot Pixel Remover
  • Added colocalization coefficients in an improved Coloc Analyzer:
    • Li's ICQ
    • Van Steensel's CCF
  • Native Nikon ND2 and Olympus OIR readers for Windows
  • Multiple image selection in Huygens Essential.

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