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file galleries
AnonymousRegisteredCustomersSVI staffPermission
Can download files (tiki_p_download_files)basic

Permissions added:

Anonymous: admin_file_galleries, view_fgal_path, view_file_gallery

Permissions removed:

Admins: admin, ratings_view_results, modify_object_categories
Anonymous: search, tell_a_friend, view_html_pages, list_image_galleries, view_image_gallery, read_article, wiki_view_comments, view_calendar, articles_read_heading, attach_trackers, view, read_blog, view_trackers, view_trackers_pending, list_trackers
SVI staff: admin_banners, view_referer_stats, admin_dynamic, use_HTML, view_stats, edit_languages, view_actionlog, detach_translation, admin_rssmodules, access_closed_site, group_add_member, assign_perm_wiki_page, edit_dynvar, use_as_template, rollback, plugin_viewdetail, edit, assign_perm_file_gallery, admin_file_galleries, unassign_freetags, admin_freetags, view_freetags, read_comments, group_view_members, change_events, wiki_view_source, admin_users, group_view, minor, group_remove_member, autoapprove_submission, post_comments, vote_comments, view_fgal_explorer, batch_upload_file_dir, submit_article, edit_article, upload_files, articles_admin_topics, batch_upload_files, freetags_tag, articles_admin_types, upload_images, batch_upload_images, batch_upload_image_dir, assign_perm_image_gallery, site_report, view_trackers, export_tracker, list_trackers, view_trackers_closed, view_trackers_pending, watch_trackers, wiki_attach_files, edit_structures, add_object, remove_object, add_events, wiki_view_history, lock, list_file_galleries, view_category, modify_object_categories, remove_tracker_items, admin_faqs, suggest_faq, view_faqs, tracker_view_attachments, modify_tracker_items, remove_tracker_items_closed, upload_picture, edit_inline, blog_admin, assign_perm_blog, create_file_galleries, blog_post_view_ref, blog_view_ref, admin_comments, edit_comments, remove_comments, blog_post, create_blogs, admin_wiki, rename, wiki_view_ref, watch_structure, wiki_view_similar, view_backlink, create_tracker_items, group_join, invite_to_my_groups, subscribe_groups, ratings_view_results
Registered: wiki_view_attachments, view_file_gallery, view_fgal_path, payment_view, payment_request
Managers: view_trackers_closed, payment_manual, payment_admin, admin_tracker


Some of your groups have been automatically hidden.
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Group nameDescription
Admins Administrator and accounts managers.
Managers Store administrators
Anonymous Public users not logged
ExternalEditors Contributors to the SVI wiki outside the SVI staff
Registered All registered users
Customers Group for people who have bought something
LicenseFactory Customers with extra permissions to the licensefactory
NoDownloadAccess Users that should have normal customer access, but no access to the Download Page
Prospects Prospects inherit their permissions from the Customer group. They are automatically unassigned from the group and fall back to 'Registered' after 90 days.
Resellers Partners in selling the Huygens Software
Japanese translators Group for translators of the Japanese pages.
Old Customers This group is for customers that don't have a valid maintenance contract
SVI staff SVI staff, with extended access


Feature name
file galleries