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Automated, simple and fast deconvolution for ALL your microscopy data (April 7, 2020).

Huygens Deconvolution and Batch Express allows fully automated deconvolution of all your microscopy data. With just a few mouse clicks you have high quality results with Huygens. By simply defining a 'Watch Folder' in BatchExpress, you can let Huygens monitor and deconvolve all your images within this folder. Images can even be saved from a remote (microscope) workstation to this folder to obtain a deconvolved image 'on the fly'. Batch processing with deconvolution, chromatic aberration correction and image stabilization combined can also be scheduled for a specific time using templates in the Batch Processor, or by using the web-based user interface Huygens Remote Manager.

True Deconvolution & Restoration (March 10, 2020).

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