Exciting new HUYGENS WEBINAR in cooperation with Abberior Instruments about STED deconvolution developments in Huygens!

Tuesday 19 of February, 2019
Join us on March 19, 2019 for a webinar on optimal STED imaging, deconvolution and optimal processing specifically geared towards the latest developments in the field. This special webinar will be co-organized with Abberior Instruments.

In addition to supporting images from various other STED systems, Huygens can now also efficiently process Abberior STEDYCON images, offering ultra-fast and reliable deconvolution results with a single mouse-click.

The STEDYCON system, developed by Abberior Instruments, is a STED super-resolution and cost-effective solution which can be installed as a compact add-on for various epi-fluorescence and confocal systems. The latest advances will be highlighted during this collaborative webinar.

If you are interested to learn more about super-resolution microscopy, or if you currently work with STED microscopy in your research, then we highly recommend to join this free webinar!

To join the webinar you can subscribe HERE or contact your SVI account-manager.

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