HUYGENS Webinar invitation:

The interactive new Huygens FUSER (28th January 2020).

In this webinar, we'll present and demo the brand-new interactive Huygens Fuser, which is the successor of the Light Sheet Fusion and Deconvolution Wizard. Huygens Fuser can fuse multiview images from a wide range of different Light Sheet microscope systems. Whether multiview images are acquired from two opposing sides or any angle of rotation, Huygens Fuser can fuse them. With the new available interactive views and direct visual feedback during the fusion procedure, you are in full control. Besides fusion, Huygens Fuser also offers the option to deconvolve images in the same workflow. Advanced cropping functions and expert settings are available to optimize image quality and performance on CPU and GPU.

HRM_HuCore (11th February 2020).

Due to its rapidly increasing user-base, 2019 saw two major releases of the Huygens Remote Manager (HRM), the independent browser interface for the Huygens Core. Multi-user, running on all browsers, allowing multiple batch assignments and using the server power in the central facility, The HRM_HuCore is the answer to the ever increasing image-sizes and need for fast high resolution images whenever and wherever you are.This webinar will give you practical guidelines how to optimally use the Huygens Remote Manager with the Huygens Core. Huygens Remote Manager HRM is ideally suited for high-throughput deconvolution and allows access to Huygens via the web-browser, providing an easy multi-user access to Huygens deconvolution. HRM has an optimized interface connection to the open source OMERO server, and also allows you to perform Colocalization Analysis in batch mode and visualize deconvolution results.

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Huygens Deconvolved and Fused image of Arabidopsis thaliana mature anther with pollen grains (large view), stained with Alexander's staining protocol. Inserts show the two single view images taken with an Olympus/PhaseView Alpha3 Light Sheet system. All images were visualized with the Huygens MIP Renderer using the depth-code colouring mode. Image acquisition and processing by Dr. Ioannis Alexopoulos (General Instrumentation Department Faculty of Science - Radboud University Nijmegen, Netherlands); Sample provided by Dr. Ivo Rieu & Prof.Dr. Jian Xu and prepared by Mieke Wolters (Molecular Plant Physiology, Faculty of Science, Radboud University, Netherlands).

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