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WEBINAR (Thursday, Jan. 28, 2021): Huygens Workflow Processor for batch image processing.

With Huygens Workflow Processor you can schedule many images for batch processing. Each task can consist of a specific set of processing steps, like for example file conversion, chromatic aberration and drift correction, and deconvolution. Steps can simply be added or removed from the task (see animation on the right). Once the processing is active, a preview window shows the raw and restored images. Register below.

WEBINAR (Tuesday, Feb. 9, 2021): New: Use of Python in Huygens.

All Huygens image processing algorithms are now available via the new Huygens Python interpreter. In this webinar we'll give a quick overview of how to use our Python operations, how to run scripts, and how to use custom modules for even more functionality. Any basic knowledge of the Python language is of advantage when watching this webinar. Register below.

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Designing tasks with Huygens Workflow Processor.

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