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WEBINAR (January 20, 2021): "Christmas Special"

New Chromatic Aberration Corrector Wizard.

Chromatic aberration seriously hampers the interpretation and analysis of multichannel signal. Up to now, Huygens Chromatic Aberration Corrector (CAC) option estimated and corrected shifts, and rotational and scaling differences between channels. The upcoming "Christmas Special" (which will be version 21.10.1) introduces corrections for a broader set of possible transformations. These new types of transformations include arbitrary rotation in 3-D, and non-linear radial distortions, of which the barrel-pincushion distortion is the simplest example. Also, the CAC option in this "Christmas Special" has a new Wizard with extensive help functions and a unique 3D rendering, which visualizes the estimated correction in a wireframe Maximum Intensity Projection.
During this webinar, we show a demo of the new Chromatic Aberration Correcter and explain which correction is applicable and appropriate in which imaging situation.

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Unique 3D wireframe Maximum Intensity Projection allows visual inspection of the estimated chromatic aberration from all viewpoints. Different corrections are rendered. Images on the right shows the four channels of a 100nm bead before and after correction.

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