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WEBINAR (Tuesday, June 15, 2021): WhatsNew in Huygens 21.04.

Bring your array detecor image (Airyscan I & II, SPAD) to the highest quality level using Huygens deconvolution with PSFs distilled from array detector bead images. The wizard interface of Huygens PSF Distiller is extremely user-friendly and produces high signal PSFs that are ideally suited for deconvolution and quantifying imaging performance. Quality control of your microscope is facilitated with the automated comparison between distilled PSFs and their theoretical counterparts, and reports can be exported for monitoring changes in image quality. In this webinar, we'll also present a more interactive Deconvolution Express, extended options for Stitching, and the new Workflow Designer tool in the Object Analyzer Advanced. Create your own image analysis pipeline using the interactive block diagram in the Workflow Designer. Register below.

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Perform microscopy QC and distill PSFs now for Airyscan I & II and SPAD with Huygens PSF Distiller.

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