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WEBINAR (Feb. 23rd, 2023): Image File formats and Data types.

This webinar will address topics such as file formats, dynamic range, image scaling, bit depth, data compression, metadata and converting file type and dimensions in batch mode (see figure).

WEBINAR (March 9th, 2023): How to use Huygens Everywhere, and how to manage its use.

Besides showing how to use Huygens Everywhere, we'll also demonstrate how to manage Everywhere usage via the SVI User Portal.

WEBINAR (March 23rd, 2023): True restoration of all your STED images with Huygens.

Restore all your STED images with Huygens unique STED PSF handling, state-of-the-art image stabilization, and image feeder capability for on-the-fly processing.


Designing a batch job for converting image dimensions and data type (format) is a piece of cake with Huygens Workflow Processor.

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