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The "Whatsnew in Huygens 23.10" webinar recording can be viewed here.

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WEBINAR (November 7th, 2023): WhatsNew in the new Huygens 23.10 release.

Batch (pixel-based) colocalization analysis is now available in Huygens Workflow Processor. The Object Analyzer can import label images created with other segmentation softwares like for example Cellpose and Stardist (1,2), includes Convex Hull-based analysis, and allows measurement of an object over time. To minimize the size of the result image on disk, we have added a convert data type task in the Workflow Processor. To process images that do not fit in RAM memory, a new file format, "Memory Mapped File", with extension (.mmf) has been implemented which has the memory buffer that Huygens uses to hold an image residing in a file on disk. The Stitcher uses this format by default. Adjusting brightness and contrast in the Twin Slicer is made much easier. To hear about these and all the other new things in Huygens 23.10, join this webinar.

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Schedule colocalization analysis with the correction tasks that are needed (like for example: deconvolution, crosstalk correction or chromatic aberration) for obtaining reliable measurements.