Levels of privacy in the SVI-wiki

Public pages

Normal pages (like Sand Box) are open to all users for reading. In order to write, you need a free registration. Any registered user can create new wiki articles by just making a new WikiWikiLink. Read more on HowToUseWiki and AddingPages.

The pages in this wiki are intended for treating different aspects and generalities of microscopy and the deconvolution, visualization and analysis of microscopy images.

Some special public pages (like the FrontPage) are locked for edition, but this affects just a minority of the wiki articles.

Customer pages

This level of privacy can be accessed with a login and a password supplied by SVI to customers with a maintenance contract.
Also testers may be allowed temporary access (usesually 90 days) to the customer wiki pages upon registration.

Customer pages are just a small amount of the total articles in this wiki. They treat particular aspects of the Huygens Software and more than generalities about microscopy.