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For more than 25 years, SVI sets the standard for high-quality image restoration (deconvolution) and analysis software for confocal, widefield & brightfield, spinning disk, multi-photon, Rescan, STED, Array Detector, and Light sheet microscopy with fully automatic depth-dependent PSF calculation, as well as bead-based PSF measurement. The Huygens Software is configurable to your specific needs, and offers solutions for single & multiple users.

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For single and multiple users, at any time and place. We offer tailored solutions.
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Use Huygens Everywhere

A new way of using Huygens Essential, Professional and Localizer everywhere.
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Online Image Processing

Multi-user and high-throughput image processing using the web-interface Huygens Remote Manager.
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Huygens Deconvolution

Deconvolution is a mathematical operation used in image restoration. With the advanced Huygens Deconvolution Algorithms you can significant improve your microscope images.
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Optical Options

Huygens deconvolution supports various microscope types with optical options that takes the specific properties of each type into account.
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Image Gallery

The Huygens Software is used for all kinds of microscopes and applications. See what Huygens Deconvolution can do for your research in the different galleries.
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For quantitative analysis of deconvolution results, it is important to avoid unnecessary pre- or post-processing steps. Furthermore, it is crucial that the entire image is processed and restored correctly.
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Surface Renderer

The Surface Renderer is a powerful 3D visualization tool that enables the visualization of isosurfaces of volumes.
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MIP Renderer

The Maximum Intensity Projection (MIP) Renderer produces 3D to 2D projections of the highest intensities in an object.
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SFP Renderer

The Simulated Fluorescence Process (SFP) Renderer generates realistic 3D scenes, based on a 3D microscopy image which is interpreted as a distribution of fluorescent material.
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Movie Maker

The Movie Maker is a tool that allows the user to easily create sophisticated animations of multi-channel 3D images using the powerful Huygens visualization tools.
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Object Tracker

Huygens Object Tracker tracks the movement of cells and particles in time series images. Filter, edit, and analyze the tracks with the included Track Analyzer.
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Colocalization Analyzer

With colocalization analysis for fluorescence microscopy you can obtain quantitative information about the amount of spatial overlap between structures in different channels for 3D images and 3D-time series.
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Object Analyzer

Objects in 3D-5D (multichannel, time series) images can be quickly and easily analyzed with Huygens Object Analyzer. Statistics of objects are produced with just a few button clicks.
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Huygens Localizer for SMLM

The Huygnes Localizer is made for fast & high performance processing of Single Molecule Localization Microscopy data (SMLM), such as Photoactivated Localization Microscopy (PALM) and Stochastic Optical Reconstruction Microscopy (STORM).
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STED microscopy has proven to be a valuable super-resolution technique for resolving objects smaller than the diffraction-limit, and Huygens STED deconvolution pushes this even further.
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Array Detector

The Array Detector optical option is specifically developed to restore images acquired on multi-detector confocal systems, including the well-received Zeiss® Airyscan (1).
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Huygens Image
Contest 2020

Submit your most favourite Huygens image/movie and have a big chance to win a laptop or one of the TB hard disks.
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Huygens Fuser
At LSFM conference

Light Sheet deconvolution and fusion by Huygens Fuser will be demonstrated at the 12th virtual LSFM conference (Sept 23-25).
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Huygens Everywhere

Mid July 2020 we launched Huygens Everywhere. A new way to use your Huygens Essential, Professional or Localizer everywhere.
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Huygens Suite
New 20.04 Release

Huygens Everywhere is launched in this new release! Furthermore, Huygens 20.04 include many new features.
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Webinar June 4th.
STEDYCON & Huygens

Sign up now for this webinar in collaboration with Abberior Instruments: STEDYCON & HUYGENS: super-resolution scaled up - featuring Huygens Stitcher.
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Huygens facilitates
research on Corona

We are very proud that we could contributed with HUYGENS to many research articles on Corona related research.
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Guidance for quantitative
confocal microscopy

We like to congratulate James Jonkman, Claire M. Brown, Graham D. Wright, Kurt Anderson and Alison J. North with the publication of their review paper in Nature Protocols on quantitative confocal microscopy.
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Huygens Localizer
in Microscopy today

With the help of many research groups and imaging facilities worldwide, we have published Huygens Localizer in this Microscopy Today March issue.
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