The Huygens Software is considered the golden standard for deconvolution and restoration of microscopy images. For more than 25 years, Huygens operates at the forefront of high quality image deconvolution for nearly all types of microscopes, including widefield, confocal-based, STED, Array Detector and Light Sheet systems. Sophisticated correction options for chromatic aberration, crosstalk and drift together with Huygens 2D-4D multichannel visualization and analysis tools facilitate users to complete their imaging workflow.

Huygens Suite 19.10

Huygens latest version includes many new additions, such as the brand-new interactive Huygens Fuser for fusing and deconvolving light sheet multi-view datasets. Huygens Fuser facilitates manual alignment of multi-view data by offering direct visual feedback. Huygens 19.10 also includes the option to analyse 3D SMLM data with Huygens Localizer, and many new 3D rendering functionalities, like cutting planes, depth-coded coloring, and combined iso-surface and SFP rendering. More information about this new version can be found here.

Huygens Essential: deconvolution and analysis made simple!

Huygens Essential is an image processing software package with a wizard-driven user interface for deconvolving microscopy images, and options for obtaining high-quality visualization and analysis results. Huygens Essential is suited for a wide variety of microscopy images. With many additional restoration, visualization and analysis options, Huygens Essential can be tailored to fit your specific research needs.

Huygens Professional: discover the truth behind your image!

Huygens Professional software is tailored to beginners and advanced users that aim to deconvolve and restore their microscopy images. Work-flows can be optimized with additional 3D visualization and powerful analysis options. Extended arithmetic and scripting tools facilitate batch-wise image processing.

Huygens Core: a full compute engine for web-based image processing

Huygens Core is a full compute engine for multi-user and high-throughput image deconvolution and processing. Combined with Huygens Remote Manager (HRM) as an open source web-based task manager, Huygens Core offers an on-line service to hundreds of users that aim to improve their image processing. HRM has an optimized direct interface connection to OMERO server, thereby facilitating data transfer.

Huygens Localizer: pointing out accurate STORM/PALM/GSD processing at high speed!

Huygens Localizer is a stand-alone software package for fast & high performance processing of 2D and 3D Single Molecule Localization Microscopy data (SMLM), such as Photoactivated Localization Microscopy (PALM), Stochastic Optical Reconstruction Microscopy (STORM), Ground State Depletion (GSD), and DNA PAINT images. Huygens Localizer is extremely user-friendly, accurate, and fast. The time-tested Huygens PSF Distiller is included in the Localizer for obtaining nearly noise-free 3D SMLM calibration data from fluorescent beads.

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