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Reveal the truth within your microscopy image

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Huygens Imaging Academy is a public knowledge resource on 3D microscopy, image restoration (Deconvolution), Visualization and Analysis. In addition, it serves as a guide to help you with obtaining the best possible and most reliable information of your imaged object.

About Interactive Analysis

Huygens contains multiple tools for interactive 2D-5D image analysis:

About Volume Visualization

Volume visualization is the process of converting a 3D image into a 2D projection. Our algorithms are optimized for multi-threaded CPUs and starting from version 19.04 also support GPU acceleration for even faster rendering. In the Huygens Software, the following interactive tools are available:
  • Fast Maximum Intensity Projection (MIP) rendering and animations: The MIP renderer
  • Detailed, physically realistic volume rendering with the Simulated Fluorescence Process (SFP) algorithm: SFP Renderer
  • Based on unique and fast Ray Tracing technology, the Surface Renderer combines iso-data continuous surface rendering and MIP rendering.
  • The Huygens Moviemaker allows you to easily create sophisticated animations of your multi-channel 3D images using these powerful 3D renderers.
  • Twin Slicer to navigate and compare XY, XZ, YZ slices of 4D images.

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