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Fluorescent microscopes are a key instrument for scientific learning in the health and life sciences. Image restoration and analysis are crucial tools to extract knowledge from the microscopic data. SVI is an internationally recognized specialist in image restoration and we work at the edge of scientific developments to enable easy and reliable image analysis for the life sciences.

Traineeships take place at our headquarters in Hilversum, conveniently located near Hilversum Sportpark train station and close to the highway exit. The minimum duration for internships is 4 months. We also have a limited number of short projects of ~2 month duration available.

what is it
As an intern scientific consultancy you translate the needs of leading international researchers to the insights SVI's products offer. You will obtain in-depth knowledge of 1) SVI's high-tech products and 2) the research field associated of your topic. This internship prepares you for the Scientific Consultant career track within SVI.

for whom
Master students with a background in:
  • Science and Business
  • Life Sciences with a focus on microscopy
  • Science Communication
Good personal communication skills with scientists is a must as you may be representing SVI to international scientists. Good analytical skills, skills in figure creation using graphics/image editing software and basic skills in programming are a plus.


1. The Huygens Imaging Academy(HIA) is SVI's online wiki database aimed at spreading knowledge on image analysis. In this internship, you will expand and improve the HIA by 1) creating figures and accompanying texts to communicate scientific meaning 2) analyze and plot existing datasets to create new content 3) synthesize existing pages to increase clarity. Level: Master. Topic: science, science and communication

short projects

1. RNA FISH review existing literature and develop your own analysis method using published data and the Huygens Software. Sub-topics: 1) sample preparation 2) imaging modality 3) segmentation of imaging data 4) extraction of quantitative RNA expression 5) post processing 6) impact of result.

2. Single Molecule Tracking review existing literature and develop your own analysis method using published data and the Huygens Software. Sub-topics: 1) types of data acquisition 2) extraction of tracks from raw data 3) post processing 4) impact of result. *Project has been taken.*

3. Image Analysis in Neuroscience review existing literature and develop your own analysis method using published data and the Huygens Software. Sub-topics: 1) which analysis methods are used 2) how often they are used 3) impact of result 4) a case study on an exemplary dataset.

4. Quantifying organelles in batch review existing literature and develop your own analysis method using published data and the Huygens Software. Sub-topics: 1) Types of data acquisition 2) automated extraction of features 3) feature classification 4) impact of the result. *Project has been taken.*

Our current Sales/Marketing internships are intended for HBO and University students with a commercial background such as Commercial Economics, International Business and Marketing & Sales and interest in life-sciences. Want to develop your Marketing and/or Sales skills in our markets on every continent? An internship at SVI is the perfect opportunity for you.
Our customers are life-science researchers finding solutions to ban diseases such as cancer and Covid-19.

The list below can be extended so if you have a related topic not specifically mentioned, just send us an email with a short description to see whether it fits in.

1. Development of new markets.

2. SEO & SEA Marketing.

3. Research for new product development with all stake-holders.

This internships prepares you for the Scientific Account Manager track within SVI.

Danielle was one of the students doing a Sales / Marketing internship at SVI and is currently one of our Account Manager/ Imaging Specialists.

Our current Development assignments are intended for Master students (e.g. Scientific Programming with Mathematical or Physics background) and for Bachelor students with a Minor in computational sciences, both from within the EU.

If you have a related topic that is not specifically mentioned in the list below, send us a short description so that we can see whether it fits with our interest. Traineeships related to the topics mentioned below can start immediately.

1. Mathematical morphology: convex hull
language: C
level: Masters

2. Modeling of shading patterns in SPIM microscopy
language: C/Tcl
level: Bachelors/Masters

3. 'Casual' web-based colocalization analysis
language: Tcl/PHP
level: Informatics, Bachelors

4. AI, Deep learning Object Tracking and Object Analysis
language: C/CUDA
level: Masters

5. SFP volume rendering on GPUs
language: C/CUDA
level: Masters

6. Semi-interactive, web-based PSF distiller
language: PHP/JavaScript/Tcl
level: Bachelors/Masters

7. CUDA implementation of image processing operations
language: C, CUDA
level: Bachelors/Masters

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