Meet SVI again in the 2019 Student career events or contact us now!

Maybe we met at one of the following career events in 2018?

We gave programming workshops, image formation lectures and most of all we enjoyed meeting all of you, present at the events!
We will surely be back in 2019 but contact us before if you're interested in our company for high quality internships.

Internships available at SVI for 2017-2018:

if you're interested in image processing it might be good to know that SVI is world leader in microscopy deconvolution and analysis. You can join us for a Development or Support&Training internship ranging from 3 months to a year.

Located at 5 minutes walking distance from an intercity station you will find an internationally oriented scientific company with lots of challenging projects for you.

Our current Development assignments are intended for Master students (e.g. Scientific Programming with Mathematical or Physics background) and for Bachelor students with a Minor in computational sciences.

The list below can be extended so if you have a related topic not specifically mentioned, just send us an email with a short description to see whether it fits in. Traineeships related to the topics mentioned below can start immediately.

1. Mathematical morphology: convex hull
language: C
level: Masters

2. Modeling of shading patterns in SPIM microscopy
language: C/Tcl
level: Bachelors/Masters

3. 'Casual' web-based colocalization analysis
language: Tcl/PHP
level: Informatics, Bachelors

4. SFP volume rendering on GPUs
language: C/CUDA
level: Masters

5. Semi-interactive, web-based PSF distiller
language: PHP/JavaScript/Tcl
level: Bachelors/Masters

6. CUDA implementation of image processing operations
language: C, CUDA
level: Bachelors/Masters

Our current Support internships are intended for Life Sciences Master and Bachelor students with a focus on Microscopy Techniques and/or Science and Business Management.

1. Development of training content for web-based Huygens installation
basic development skills needed, people minded, good analytical skills.
level: Masters

2. Development of training via social media for novel Huygens customers
preferably some web-design experience, people minded.
level: Bachelors/Masters

For all internships contact us at +31 35 642 16 26

For Development internships contact Hans van der Voort (R&D Director) hans at svi.nl
or Daniel Sevilla (project-leader Engineering) daniel at svi.nl

For Support internships contact Gitta Hamel (Managing Director) gitta at svi.nl

Contact Information

Scientific Volume Imaging B.V.

Laapersveld 63
1213 VB Hilversum
The Netherlands

Phone: +31 (0)35 64216 26
Fax: +31 (0)35 683 7971
E-mail: info at svi.nl

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