Huygens Core

A full compute engine for remote image processing with the Huygens Remote Manager

Multi-user access

Provide easy multi-user access to Huygens deconvolution

Web-based solution

Huygens Remote Manager allows easy access to Huygens via the web-browser

Easy user management

Easily add new users, and keep track of the usage

Link to OMERO

Efficient link to OMERO: exchange data between HRM and OMERO


Ideally suited for high-throughput deconvolution batch jobs

Visualization & Coloc

Peform Colocalization Analysis in batch mode, and visualize deconvolution results

Huygens Core: multi-user deconvolution via the Huygens Remote Manager

Huygens Core, part of the Huygens Software, is a full compute engine intended to run image processing and deconvolution jobs on large 64 bit multiprocessor servers. It has no specific graphical interface by itself. Huygens Remote Manager (HRM) is an open source web task manager for servers that can acts as an interface to Huygens Core to handle multi-user batch processing. HRM has an optimized interface connection to the open source OMERO server. Click here to try out HRM/Huygens Core on our online demo server.

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Features: multi-user batch deconvolution

Targeted at large scale multi-user applications like the Huygens Remote Manager. All processing functionality of the Huygens Professional is available through Tcl Huygens commands.

Handles many File Formats.
Can be used as compute engine for web-based deconvolution interfaces, like the Huygens Remote Manager.
The Huygens Remote Manager (HRM) is an open-source application developed by the Montpellier Rio Imaging facility, the Facility for Advanced Imaging and Microscopy at the Friedrich Miescher Institute (FMI, Basel) and the BioImaging and Optics Platform at the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne and Scientific Volume Imaging.
The HRM is a web task manager for servers that acts as an interface to Huygens Core do multi-user batch deconvolution.
You can download Huygens Core as part of the Huygens Suite from our download section. In that same section you can also find the Programmer Guide in a PDF file, but this manual can also be found online in a html version: Huygens Core Programmer Guide.

Flexible: write your own script and/or user interface

Huygens Core enables you to run your own scripts using the extensive set of Tcl Huygens image processing commands. Writing scripts for Huygens Core is very easy since it uses the popular Tcl scripting language. With it you may construct programs that launch many parallel image processing jobs to make full usage of a multiple cpu system or a computer grid. If you do not want to program yourself you may just use a customizable front-end like the HRM.

Visualization and Colocalization: Get more from your images

The Huygens Remote Manager also has some built-in visualization tools, and also includes the option of doing batch colocalization analysis.

Tutorial and Download: get started!

The tutorial movies allows you to get started with the Huygens Remote Manager quickly. When you install the Huygens Suite on your computer, also feel free to try out our other products.

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