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On July 13th+24th, 2021, we organized our second Virtual Huygens Workshop, entitled 'Get the best out of your microscopy image'. This workshop was focused on the Pacific region and suited for everyone who likes to learn how to get the best possible results from the microscope with the Huygens Software. Several hundreds of researchers attended and many of them shared their positive feedback with us. Recordings of this Workshop are available, as well as optional Workshop licenses: see here.. We plan to organize our next Virtual Huygens Imaging Workshop at the beginning of 2022. Contact us, if you like to receive more information already.

Imaging courses and training sessions

If you are planning to organize an imaging course at your department or imaging facility, feel free to contact us.
We would be more than happy to contribute by sending you slides for presentations, demo images, and also test licenses for the Huygens software.

We also offer Huygens imaging trainings at our SVI headquarters in Hilversum, The Netherlands. With these highly-rated trainings we target complete imaging workflows: from how to acquire images properly towards applying the correct restoration and analysis tools for obtaining reliable and quantifiable results.

These intense training sessions consist of 2.5 days of presentations and workshops, and they are offered two times a year (Spring & Fall). Only a small group of participants is allowed so as to ensure that every participant receives full attention. There is enough time reserved to talk to the SVI staff and to discuss data that the participants can bring with them. Sessions are suited for both beginning and advanced microscopists. If requested, we can offer an extra third day of training on Scripting.

More information on a particular session can be found under Program Svi Courses.

Touched subjects include Introduction to image acquisition, Deconvolution, PSF, Pro's and con's of various methods of image acquisition in relation to deconvolution, Imaging artifacts and how to recognize and correct them, Visualizing and analyzing large datasets, How treat images so that signal quantification and comparison is reliable. Re-scaling and saving image data. Upon request tailored courses can be given.

Remote workshops are offered to introduce deconvolution and the Huygens software to our customers and their users. This service is part of the Maintenance and Upgrade (M&U) contract. New licenses include a full year of M&U and additional years can be purchased.
Many Huygens customers organize imaging courses, and our SVI specialists are happy to contribute with a remote presentation and workshop on image deconvolution, restoration and analysis. Temporary Huygens licenses are available for course members for actual hands-on with the Huygens software.

SVI on-site workshops and courses are provided at conferences and research institutes all over the world. A few courses are given annually. If you are interested in a course at your Institute or in its vicinity, you can contact our Sales Department at sales at svi.nl.

Quotes from the attendants:

  • "Thank you very much SVI for the excellent training on the Huygens package, it is going to prove very useful in improving how we capture images and process them going forward. Highly recommended! (May 2019)."
  • "It was a very great experience and I have learnt a lot: thank you very much for all your efforts and fantastic trainings. A great learning experience in my scientific career (May 2019)."
  • "The course was extremely informative, fun and hands-on. The SVI staff is incredibly skilled and they were very involved in the course, creating a comfortable environment to ask questions and discuss data (May 2019)."
  • Thanks for a great course! I really enjoyed it and now feel better prepared to answer questions from my users at the facility (May 2019)."
  • I have learnt a lot in this course, and most important you guys are very helpful! We costumers appreciate that! I would recommend this course to all scientific comunity (September 2018)."
  • "I had expected a lot, but what I got was well beyond my expectations. After all this years working with a microscope, this course really deepened my knowledge. Thank you! (September 2017)."
  • "I wished I had followed this course much earlier. I have meanwhiles recommended it to several people (September 2017)."
  • "This was an excellent course and very hands on. It has the best integration of lecture/apply it yourself of any imaging course I have attended or been part of. The diversity of speakers was refreshing and provided a nice level of enthusiasm as many individuals presented lectures on things they had a role developing. (October 2016)."
  • "The SVI Huygens training course is one of the best image processing and analysis courses that I have attended. Some of the reasons for this is the friendly and including atmosphere provided by a highly skilled and service-minded staff. The course had an excellent mix between theoretical and practical sessions, where all questions brought up during the course received full attention and was addressed in a very good manner. I also liked that there was several presenters, so that for each topic an SVI expert presented hers/his special area of interest/research, making the talks compelling and comprehensive (October 2015)."
  • "Enjoyable and very interesting. The enthusiasm of the presenters was infectious, and they were all well-prepared and knowledgeable. I was particularly impressed with the level of individual attention during the hands-on sessions: amazing to have a ratio of 1:1 for staff to participants. (October 2015)."
  • "Overall, I must say this 2-day course is highly useful to me as it covers many useful information. Thank you very much for all your work! (October 2015)."
  • "Thank you all for the course, it was really interesting and informative training for me. In some moments it could be a little bit slower, but in general the training was OK (October 2014)."
  • "Thank you very much for the slides and the great workshop from all of you guys at SVI (October 2014)."
  • "I enjoyed the course and appreciated the quality of the presentations and presenters; skill-full and friendly (May 2014)."
  • "Overall, I think I haven't learned so efficiently for quite a while. Due to style of presentations, hands-on, small group and quality of presenters. Excellent! Thanks for the good time! Enjoyed your course from basics to scripting massively! (May 2014)"
  • "thank you also for the training, we were impressed and satisfied - it was our pleasure to take part the course in your headquarter (May 2014)".
  • "The Course was much more interesting than I expected. I was positively surprised by the good preparation of the presenters and their ability of transmitting the key concepts - even to those who do not have any experience with deconvolution. Hands-on session was incredibly useful!"
  • "Great course, I learned a lot. Especially the hands-on sessions were very useful."
  • "Thank you for the excellent course that you had given. I had learned a lot about deconvolution."
  • "In total we found the workshop very productive. I think the students learned a lot and also we learned something new. So, thank your very much again for your two sessions and also your time you invested before."
  • "Thank you for the excellent course that you had given. I had learned a lot about deconvolution."
  • "...we were very impressed by the presentations. He really managed to get us into what deconvolution can do for our images and to explain all the complicated algorithms without showing one mathematical equation. This was absolutely brilliant. ... This workshop was excellent."
  • "Congratulations!!! The course was really easy to follow, the subjects were interesting and the pace really appropriate."
  • " Great course given by very helpful, enthusiastic and skilled people."
  • " I spent a wonderful time, and the training course was super useful. I enjoyed the course a lot and recommend it to everyone."
  • "Many thanks for your GREAT Webinar and the additional time as well as the perfect organization!! I think it was a wonderful introduction into HUYGENS deconvolution software and everything was perfectly fitting my expectations! "

One of our staff members (on the right) is discussing images that the participants brought with them.
One of our staff members (on the right) is discussing images that the participants brought with them.