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Features Huygens Everywhere:

A new way to use your Huygens Essential and Huygens Localizer everywhere.
Use Huygens on all your systems (Windows, Mac or Linux) with a personal login.
Log in within with your username and password and work instantly.
Your Huygens results stay with you on your own computers or own central location.

Available features for Huygens Everywhere:

Deconvolution of all microscopy images with Huygens Essential.
Wizard-driven and fully automated deconvolution.
Batch deconvolution.
Advanced 2D and 3D visualization tools.
2D-5D Analysis of you microscopy data
High Performance with optimal CPU and GPU parallelization.
Support for many microscopy file formats.
Specific 2D and 3D SMLM analysis with Huygens Localizer


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