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*Video displays a real-time and GPU accelerated deconvolution run with the Deconvolution Express on a confocal image. The ROI deconvolution allows for interactive and real-time deconvolution results on a region of interest.
Image: Ring structure of the basal bodies of cilia in Paramecium. Sample courtesy of Anne Aubusson-Fleury, CNRS, Gif-sur-Yvette, France

Easy to use

With smart templates, automated background and SNR estimation, deconvolution has never been easier.

Fast and Interactive

With full GPU acceleration support, Deconvolution Express provides nearly instant high-quality results. The sharpness slider allows for a real-time interactive deconvolution experience.

High-quality Results

Deconvolution Express uses the same high-quality deconvolution algorithms that Huygens is well known for.

Deconvolution Express: Easy, Fast & Efficient

The new and powerful Deconvolution Express option makes use of smart templates and the high-quality deconvolution algorithms in Huygens to restore your images in a matter of seconds. Deconvolution Express is a tool that helps to reveal great image detail, less blur and less noise, with one click of a button. Huygens makes this possible by using unsupervised profiles for finding acceptable parameter values, for which user input is generally needed. Deconvolution Express is available for both Huygens Essential and Professional and can be used on confocal, widefield, STED, multi-photon, spinning-disk and even light-sheet images.

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Raw Widefield
Huygens Deconvolved

Fully Automated: smart templates

Choose from 4 unsupervised profiles (smart templates) for finding the optimal deconvolution method for each image. Each profile surveys the image with different conditions to arrive at the best deconvolution parameters for that image. These profiles are available for user selection and can be generally understood as a speed versus resolution gauge:

Fast: uses faster deconvolution algorithms and fewer iterations than in other profiles. This profile is fast and well suited for images with high signal-to-noise ratio.
Standard (Default choice): best trade-off between speed, resolution gain, and noise reduction.
Conservative: more cautious on attempting a very high resolution gain, very safe and effective at reducing image noise, but more conservative in resolution gain.
Aggressive: well suited for images with a high signal-to-noise ratio. This profile will boost the resolution of the result.

Based on the selected unsupervised profile, Deconvolution Express will automatically decide on the best deconvolution parameters for the input image. The tool will first estimate the image background and Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR). Notice that the more complete and accurate the image parameters are, the more reliable the SNR estimation. In turn, this has important implications for the resulting image quality. For example, LEICA provides extra information on their LIF images which are saved with the LAS X software (version 3.x or higher), making the SNR estimations more reliable. In addition to estimating the image statistics, Deconvolution Express also makes smart choices on the type of algorithm, number of iterations, the quality threshold, and the optimal number of bricks, among others. The ROI deconvolution in addition allows you to tune the deconvolution for each profile towards a smoother or sharper result using an intuitive slider for each channel. At the end of the Deconvolution Express you can choose to re-start the deconvolution in the Deconvolution Wizard to have more control on the deconvolution parameters, if desired.

Super Fast: GPU accelerated

Like the other deconvolution methods in Huygens, the deconvolution in the Deconvolution Express can be performed on the CPU and can be accelerated significantly using GPU cards. For an optimal experience with the Deconvolution Express we do advise using the GPU acceleration to give you high-quality results up to 30 times faster compared to CPU processing. On the right-hand side you can click on 'Compare speed' to get an impression of the deconvolution speed with GPU acceleration vs CPU-only on a typical single channel confocal image using a high-end GPU. For more benchmark tests please visit the GPU benchmark page.

GPU accelerated


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The Deconvolution Express can be started in Huygens Essential or Professional by clicking on one image in the main window and by selecting in the main task bar Deconvolution → Deconvolution Express. When you install the Huygens Suite on your computer, also feel free to try out our other products.

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