Webinar Schedule

Scientific Volume Imaging organizes webinars for Huygens customers. Webinars are a handy tool to optimize the Huygens deconvolution procedure, be informed about the latest news and get more information about the different Huygens options.


  • What's New (17th May 2017) This webinar offers an overview of all new features in Huygens included in the new 17.04 release. For example, you can enjoy the Huygens Batch Processor now combined with Huygens multi-GPU acceleration. For those who have 4K monitors, we have good news! High-resolution monitors can be now used at full resolution and Huygens will scale accordingly. SPIM/light sheet users can now enjoy the Fusion module combined with SPIM deconvolution. These are only a few examples! Stay tuned for more news.

  • SPIM/Light sheet deconvolution (23rd May 2017) This webinar describes the new SPIM/Light sheet deconvolution in Huygens. SPIM/Light sheet images can be deconvolved with our Huygens optical option that takes the specific optical properties of these microscopes into account, as for example SPIM excitation mode, thickness of the sheet, light sheet NA and fill factor and direction. You can see more about SPIM parameters and deconvolution via this link. Huygens SPIM/Light Sheet deconvolution reduces noise and blurring, and includes depth-dependent spherical aberration corrections. You can find more information and beautiful examples via this link. Deconvolution, scattering correction, and restoration (fusion) of multiview SPIM/Light sheet data is combined to facilitate the efficient use of computational resources. Join this webinar if you want to know more about SPIM/Light sheet deconvolution in Huygens!


  • Acquisition pitfalls and Huygens deconvolution (12th October 2016) This webinar offers a general overview about the imaging work-flow for deconvolution, from the acquisition to the deconvolution procedure itself, in order to optimize your results. The basic acquisition pitfalls for deconvolution are discussed, with indications on how to avoid them. The Huygens deconvolution procedure is explained and demonstrated, focusing on the Huygens parameter and deconvolution editors.

  • Time series optimization and analysis (18th January 2017) This webinar offers routes to optimize your live cell imaging acquisition, deconvolution and analysis all at once. The optimization of the acquisition and deconvolution procedure will be explained, with suggestions on how to balance acquisition speed, image quality and resolution. We will explain how you can measure and correct for cell motion, thermal drift, shaking, translation and rotation with the Huygens object stabilizer. The Huygens object tracker option will be explained in detail for analysis of position, speed, diffusion, rotation and flow. Your cells will love this workshop!

  • STED deconvolution (7th March 2017) This webinar describes how to optimize your work-flow for obtaining the best results for STED imaging. STED images can be deconvolved with Huygens with truly stunning results. With Huygens STED deconvolution you will get a huge increase in contrast and resolution. This webinar will help you to obtain the best STED images! Subscription for this webinar is now open via this link.

Do you want to be informed about the webinars? Please send an email to sales at svi.nl .