Huygens in scientific publications

Below is just a selection of articles that refer to the use of Huygens for different image processing tasks. For a more complete overview and for searching for specific applications, we recommend to search using for example Google Scholar. On this wiki page you find information on how to cite the use of Huygens.


Shinde A.P., Kučerová1 J., Dacks J.B. amd Tachezy J. (2024) Tracing back the expansion of the endomembrane rescue systems in parasitic Parabasalids to the ancestral origin in its free-living sister lineage. bioRxiv preprint
Huygens was used for deconvolution and calculating Pearson’s correlation coefficient (PCC/R) using Costes methodcolocalization analysis.

Iyer, R.S., Needham, S.R., Galdadas, I. et al. (2024) Drug-resistant EGFR mutations promote lung cancer by stabilizing interfaces in ligand-free kinase-active EGFR oligomers. Nat Commun 15, 2130.
Colocalization analyses were carried out the Huygens Software

Appelman, B., Charlton, B.T., Goulding, R.P. et al. (2024) Muscle abnormalities worsen after post-exertional malaise in long COVID. Nature Commun. 15, 17
Huygens was used for deconvolution of images acquired with the Abberior STED Expert Line.

Farkas D., Szikora S., Jijumon A.S., Polgár T.F., Patai R., Tóth M.Á. et al. (2024) Peripheral thickening of the sarcomeres and pointed end elongation of the thin filaments are both promoted by SALS and its formin interaction partners. PLoS Genet 20(1): e1011117
Huygens Deconvolution and visualization with the Surface Render was applied for generating 3D images to demonstrate the complex spatial structure of the giant Z-discs.

Elhassan E.A.E, Kmochová T., Benson K.A. et al. (2024) A Novel Monoallelic ALG5 Variant Causing Late-onset ADPKD and Tubulointerstitial Fibrosis. Kidney International Reports,

The Pearson coefficients of the colocalization and the colocalization maps were created on deconvolved images with the use of Huygens Professional Software.

Delling, J.P., Bauer, H.F., Gerlach-Arbeiter, S. et al. (2024) Combined expansion and STED microscopy reveals altered fingerprints of postsynaptic nanostructure across brain regions in ASD-related SHANK3-deficiency. Mol Psychiatry, April 22, 2024
Huygens was used for image deconvolution stabilization of confocal and STED data.

Van der Gaag B.L., Deshayes N.A.C., Breve J.J.P. et al. (2024) Distinct tau and alpha-synuclein molecular signatures in Alzheimer’s disease with and without Lewy bodies and Parkinson’s disease with dementia. Acta Neuropathol 147, 14.
Huygens was used for bleaching correction and deconvolution.

Radkohl A., Schusterbauer V., Bernauer L., Rechberger G.N., Wolinski H., Schittmayer M., Birner-Gruenberger R., Thallinger G.G., Leitner E., Baeck M. et al. (2024) Human Sterols Are Overproduced, Stored and Excreted in Yeasts. International Journal of Molecular Sciences. 25(2):781
Huygens was used for deconvolution.

López-Alcalá, J., Gordon, A., Trávez, A. et al. (2024) Localization, traffic and function of Rab34 in adipocyte lipid and endocrine functions. J Biomed Sci 31, 2
Huygens was used for deconvolving Zeiss LSM710 confocal images.

Battison A.S., Liddle J.C., Sumsky S.L., O’Connell C.B., Balsbaugh J.L. and LoTurco J.J. (2024) Synaptic Proteomes of Cortical Interneuron Classes Revealed by Antibody Directed Proximity Labeling. bioRxiv 2024.01.03.574066
Huygens was used for deconvolving images acquired with the Abberior STED Expert Line.

Eggelbusch et al., 2024) The impact of bed rest on human skeletal muscle
metabolism. Cell Reports Medicine 5, 101372
Huygens was used for deconvolving Zeiss Axiovert 200M widefield images.

Scutigliani, E.M., van Hattum, J., Lobo-Cerna, F., Kruyswijk, J., Myrcha, M., Dekkers, F.E.G.A., Hoebe, R.A., Edwards, F., Oppelaar, J.J., Vogt, L. et al. (2024) Perturbation of Copper Homeostasis Sensitizes Cancer Cells to Elevated Temperature. Int. J. Mol. Sci. 2024, 25, 423.
Huygens was used for deconvolving of images acquired with a Leica DM6i microscope.


Awoniyi et al. (2023). B cell receptor-induced protein dynamics and the emerging role of
SUMOylation revealed by proximity proteomics. Journal of Cell Science, 2023.
Huygens was used for deconvolution, for 3D particle analysis, and for colocalization measurements

Lei et al. (2023). Cooperative sensing of mitochondrial DNA by ZBP1 and cGAS promotes cardiotoxicity. Cell. 186,14: P3013-3032 E22.
Huygens Essential was used for deconvolving images

Antunes, A.V., Shahinas, M., Swale, C. et al. (2023). In vitro production of cat-restricted Toxoplasma pre-sexual stages. Nature. Nature 2023.
Huygens Professional was used for deconvolving confocal images

Malachowski et al. (2023). Spatially coordinated heterochromatinization Cell 186, 5840–5858.
DNA FISH images were deconvolved with Huygens Essential using the Classic MLE algorithm

Drees l, Schneider S, Riedel D, Schuh R and M Behr. (2023). The proteolysis of ZP proteins is essential to control cell membrane structure and integrity of developing tracheal tubes in Drosophila. Journal of Cell Science, 2023.
Zeiss Airyscan data was deconvolved with Huygens

Xie et al. (2023). Opposite changes in the expression of clathrin and caveolin-1 in normal and cancerous human prostate tissue: putative clathrin-mediated recycling of EGFR. Histochem Cell Biol 159, 489–500.
Deconvolution and colocalization analysis was performed with Huygens

Scholaert et al. (2023). 3D deconvolution of human skin immune architecture with Multiplex Annotated Tissue Imaging System. Science Advances vol 9, No 23.
Huygens was used for deconvolution, and also for crosstalk correction to address spectral spillover often seen with autofluorescence and imaging multiple fluorophores

Fukuda et al. (2023). The mitochondrial intermembrane space protein mitofissin drives mitochondrial fission required for mitophagy. Molecular Cell 83, 2045–2058.
Huygens Professional was used for deconvolving Zeiss Airyscan images

Runsala M, Kuokkanen E, Uski E, Šuštar V, Balci MÖ, Rajala J, Paavola V, Mattila PK. (2023). he Small GTPase Rab7 Regulates Antigen Processing in B Cells in a Possible Interplay with Autophagy Machinery. Cells. 12(21):2566.
Huygens was used for deconvolution and colocalization analysis using Manders overlap coefficient, Pearson’s correlation coefficient, and the overlap coefficient

Malachowski T. et al. (2023). Article
Spatially coordinated heterochromatinization of long synaptic genes in fragile X syndrome. Cell 186, 5840–5858.
Huygens Essential was used for deconvolution

Grochow et al. (2023). Reduced neural progenitor cell count and cortical neurogenesis in guinea pigs congenitally infected with Toxoplasma gondii. Communications Biology 6:1209.
Huygens Professional was used for deconvolving CLSM image to reduce optical aberrations and to correct for the discrepancy in refractive indices (IR) of the embedding (IR = 1.49)

Eriksson I, Vainikka L, Wäster P, Öllinger K. (2023). Lysosomal Function and Intracellular Position Determinethe Malignant Phenotype in Malignant Melanoma. Journal of Investigative Dermatology (2023).
Images were deconvolved, and subsequently analyzed with Huygens Object Analyzer and Object Tracker to determine lyosomal size, position and speed

Hassan A, Chandra V, Taleb S, Habushi S, Patzek T (2023). 3D confocal imaging methodology optimized for pore space characterization of carbonates. Engineering Geology, 2023.
Huygens deconvolution increased reliabilty of pore measurements in Carbonate, and Huygens was used for PSF quality control measurements (experimental vs theoretical PSF).

Makai D, Mihok E, Polgari D, Cseh A, Lenyko-Thegze A, Sepsi A, Sagi L. (2023). A unique mRNA decapping complex in trypanosomes. Plant Methods 19:80.
Huygens deconvolution is used as part of a newly developed procedure to prepare plant cell nuclei for high quality 3D immunolabelling‑in situ hybridisation (FISH)

Kramer et al. (2023). A unique mRNA decapping complex in trypanosomes. Nucleic Acids Research, 2023.
Huygens was used for deconvolution

Joensuu et al. (2023). Presynaptic targeting of botulinum neurotoxin type A requires a tripartite PSG-Syt1-SV2 plasma membrane nanocluster for synaptic vesicle entry. The EMBO Journal (2023)42.
Huygens was used for deconvolution

Huang A, Adler J, Parmryd I (2023). Optimised generalized polarisation analysis of C-laurdan reveals clear order
differences between T cell membrane compartments. BBA - Biomembranes 1865 (2023) 184094.
This article describes how deconvolution improves both the resolution and precision of GP-measurement and will enable detection of smaller changes in membrane order

Tammineni E.R, Figueroa L, Manno C, Varma D, Kraeva N, Ibarra C.A, Klip A, Riazi S, Rios E. (2023). Muscle calcium stress cleaves junctophilin1, unleashing a gene regulatory program predicted to correct glucose dysregulation. eLife 12:e78874..
The point spread function (PSF) of the system, deconvolution, and 3D ‘Simulated Fluorescence Process’ rendering was performed with Huygens Professional

Hellani F., Leleu I., Saidi N., Martin N., Lecoeur C., Werkmeister E., Koffi D., Trottein F., Yapo-Etté H., Das B., Abbadie C. and Pied S. (2023). Role of astrocyte senescence regulated by the non– canonical autophagy in the neuroinflammation associated to cerebral malaria. Brain, Behavior, and Immunity, Volume 117, Pages 20-35.
Images from the Zeiss AxioScan.Z1 slide scanner were improved using Huygens deconvolution


Auguste Y.S.S, Ferro A, Kahng J.A, Xavier A.M, Dixon J.R, Vrudhula U, Nichitiu A-S, Rosado D, Wee T-L, Pedmale U.V, Cheadle L. (Dec 2022). Oligodendrocyte precursor cells engulf synapses during circuit remodeling in mice. Nat Neurosci 25, 1273–1278 (2022)
Huygens deconvolution, crosstalk correction, and drift correction was used.

Rodriguez-Gatica JE, Iefremova V, Sokhranyaeva L, Au Yeung SWC, Breitkreuz Y, Bruestle O, Schwarz MK, Kubitscheck U. (June 2022). Imaging three-dimensional brain organoid architecture from meso- to nanoscale across development
Development (2022) 149 (20): dev200439
Image stacks of organoids were deconvolved with Huygens using theoretical point spread functions (PSF), based on microscopic parameters, or a measured PSF determined by analysis of fluorescent microbeads.

Räsänen N, Harju V, Joki, Narkilahti S. (June 2022). Practical guide for preparation, computational reconstruction and analysis of 3D human neuronal networks in control and ischaemic conditions. Development (2022) 149 (20): dev200439.
After imaging, the 3D stacks were deconvolved with Huygens Essentials software.

Vaisey G, Banerjee P, North A.J, Haselwandter C.A, Mackinnon R. (Dec 2022). Piezo1 as a force-through-membrane sensor in red blood cells. eLife 11:e82621
Only with Huygens deconvolution of STED data, the authors could reveal Piezo1 distribution on the RBC membrane, and resolve single Piezo1 channels.

Koornneef L, Slotman J.A, Sleddens-Linkels E, van Cappellen W.A., Barchi M, Toth A, Gribnau J, Houtsmuller A, Baarends W.M. (July 2022). Multi-color DSTORM microscopy in Hormad 1-/- spermatocytes reveals alternations in meiotic recombination intermediates and synaptonemal complex structure. PLoS Genet 18(7)
This paper describes an so far undiscovered phenotype of the SC in Horman 1-/- spermatocytes. Huygens Localizer was used for the imaging and analysis of the 3D dSTORM images.

Rodrigues-Oliveira T, Wollweber F, Ponce-Toledo RI, Xu J, Rittmann SK, Klingl A, Pilhofer M, Schleper C. (2022). Actin cytoskeleton and complex cell architecture in an Asgard archaeon.Nature (2022) 1-8
Huygens was used for deconvolution of STED and Airyscan images

Raykova D, Kermpatsou D, Malmqvist T, Harrison P.J., Rubin Sander M, Stiller C, Heldin J, Leino M, Ricardo S, Klemm A, David L, Spjuth O, Vemuri K, Dimberg A, Sundqvist A, Norlin M, Klaesson A,
Kampf C, & Söderberg O. (2022). A method for Boolean analysis of protein interactions at a molecular level. Nature Communications 13:4755
Huygens was used to deconvolve widefield images

Tortosa E, Sengupta Ghosh A, Li Q, Ruh Wong W, Hinkle T, Sandoval W, Rose C.M, Hoogenraad C.C. (2022). Stress-induced vesicular assemblies of dual leucine zipper kinase are signaling hubs involved in kinase activation and neurodegeneration. The EMBO Journal (2022)41:e110155
Huygens was used for deconvolution of confocal images

Corrêa de Melo T, Trevisan-Silva D, Alvarez-Flores M.P, Nascimento Gomes R, Medina de Souza M, Paula Valerio H, Oliveira D.S, DeOcesano-Pereira C, Fongaro Botosso V, Attie Calil Jorge S, Schattner M, Gomez R.M, Chudzinski-Tavassi A.M. (2022). Proteomic Analysis Identifies Molecular Players and Biological Processes Specific to SARS-CoV-2 Exposure in Endothelial Cells. MDPI (2022)
Huygens was used for the deconvolution and object analysis of confocal images

Fourriere L, Cho E.H-J, Gleeson P.A. (2022). Segregation of the membrane cargoes, BACE1 and amyloid precursor protein (APP) throughout the Golgi apparatus. Traffic Vol 23:3,158-173)
This paper shows a comparision of Huygens deconvolution with Zenn processing of Airyscan1 data processing. Huygens offers a 90nm lateral resolution

Traynor S, Jakobsen N.D, Ebbesen M.F, Bennedsen S.N, Johansen S, Ebstrup M.L, Pedersen C.B, Ditzel H.J, Brewer J.R, Gjerstorff M.F. (2022). SSX2 promotes the formation of a novel type of intranuclear lamin bodies. Int. J. Biochem. Cell Biol. (2022)
Deconvolution of Abberior Facility Line STED images

Bonilla, J.C, Clausen, M.P. (2022). Super-resolution microscopy to visualize and quantify protein microstructural organization in food materials and its relation to rheology: Egg white proteins. Food Hydrocolloids (2022)
Deconvolution of Abberior Facility Line STED images

Ma D, Wang F, Wang R, Hu Y, Chen Z, Huang N, Tian Y, Xia Y, Teng J, Chen J. (2022). α-/γ-Taxilin are required for centriolar subdistal appendage assembly and microtubule organization. Elife (2022)
Deconvolution of STEDYCON and Leica TCS SP8 STED 3X images.

Mazuelas H, Magallón-Lorenz M, Fernández-Rodríguez J, Uriarte-Arrazola I, Richaud-Patin Y, Terribas E, Villanueva A, Castellanos E, Blanco I, Raya Á, Chojnacki, J, Heyn H, Romagosa C, Lázaro C, Gel B, Carrió M, Serra E. (2022). Modeling iPSC-derived human neurofibroma-like tumors in mice uncovers the heterogeneity of Schwann cells within plexiform neurofibromas. Cell Reports (2022)
Stedycon images where stitched and deconvolved with Huygens


Moore A.S, Coscia S.M, Simpson C.L, Ortega F.E, Wait E.C, Heddleston J.M, Nirschl J.J, Obara C.J, Guedes-Dias P. Boecker C.A, Chew T-L, Theriot J.A, Lippincott-Schwartz J, Holzbaur E.L.F. (2021). Actin cables and comet tails organize
mitochondrial networks in mitosis. Nature (2021)
Spinning disk images were deconvolved with Huygens.

Gerasimaitė R, Bucevičius J, Kiszka K.A, Schnorrenberg S, Kostiuk G, Koenen T, Lukinavičius G (2021).
Blinking Fluorescent Probes for Tubulin Nanoscopy in Living and Fixed Cells. ACS Chemical Biology 2021 16 (11), 2130-2136
SMLM images from a Spinning disk/TIRF/SMLM system were analyzed with Huygens Localizer.

Noureddine A, Paffett M.L, Franco S.F, Chan A.E, Pallikkuth S, Lidke K, Serda R.E, (2021). Endolysosomal Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticle Trafficking along Microtubular Highways. Pharmaceutics 2022, 14(1), 56
Spinning disk images were deconvolved with Huygens.

Zamakhaeva S, Chaton C.T, Rush J.S, Castro S.A, Kenner C.W, Yarawsky A.E, Herr A.B, van Sorge N.M, Dorfmueller H.C, Frolenkov G.I, Korotkov K.V, Korotkova N. (2021). Modification of cell wall polysaccharide guides cell
division in Streptococcus mutans. Nature Chemical Biology. May 27
Images were deconvolved with Huygens.

Walker C.K, Greathouse K.M, Boros B.D, Poovey E/H, Clearman K.R, Ramdas R, Muhammad H.M, Herskowitz J.H. (2021). Dendritic Spine Remodeling and Synaptic Tau Levels in PS19 Tauopathy Mice. Neuroscience
Volume 455, 10 February 2021, Pages 195-211

Confocal stacks of dendrites were deconvolved using Huygens Professional.

Wu Y, Wang N, Song X, Cong S, Zhao X, Tan M. (2021). Fluorescence nanoparticles from instant coffee accumulated in lysosome and induced lysosome-dependent cell death via necroptosis-like pathway. NanoImpact. vol. 21, January 2021, 100290

Fontana D, Garay E, Cevera L, Kratje R, Prieto C, Gòdia F. (2021). Chimeric VLPs Based on HIV-1 Gag and a Fusion Rabies Glycoprotein Induce Specific Antibodies against Rabies and Foot-and-Mouth Disease Virus. Vaccines 2021, 9(3), 251

Dumbovića G, Sanjuan X, Perucho M, Forcales S-V. (2021). Stimulated emission depletion (STED) super resolution imaging of RNA- and protein-containing domains in fixed cells. Methods. Volume 187, March 2021, Pages 68-76
Huygens was used for deconvolution and PSF Distiller for for extracting experimental PSFs.

Oliveira L.S, Sumera A, Booker S.A. (2021). Repeated whole-cell patch-clamp recording from CA1 pyramidal cells in rodent hippocampal slices followed by axon initial segment labeling. STAR Protocols
Volume 2, Issue 1, 19 March 2021, 100336

Ventura J.A, Donoghue J.F, Nowell C.J, Cann L.M, Day L.R.J, Smyth L.M.L, Forrester H.B, Rogers P.A.W, Crosbie J.C. (2021). The γH2AX DSB marker may not be a suitable biodosimeter to measure the biological MRT valley dose. International Journal of Radiation Biology

Zorkau M, Proctor-Kent Y, Berlinguer-Palmini R, Hamilton A, Chrzanowska-Lightowlers Z.M, Lightowlers R.N. (2021). Visualizing Mitochondrial Ribosomal RNA and Mitochondrial Protein Synthesis in Human Cell Lines. Mitochondrial Gene Expression. Methods in Molecular Biology, vol 2192. Humana, New York, NY.

Champroux A, Goubely C, Henry-Berger J, Drevet J.R, Kocer A. (2021). Three-Dimensional Confocal Analysis of Chromosome Positioning Coupled with Immunofluorescence in Mouse Sperm Nuclei. In: Ruzov A., Gering M. (eds) DNA Modifications. Methods in Molecular Biology, vol 2198. Humana, New York, NY.

Lucidi M, Hristu R, Nichele L, Stanciu G.A, Visca P, Banica C.K, Cincotti G, Stanciu S.G. (2021). Characterization of Acinetobacter baumannii Filamentous Cells by Re-Scan Confocal Microscopy and Complementary Fluorometric Approaches. In IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics, vol. 27, no. 5, pp. 1-7, Sept.-Oct. 2021
Huygens was used to deconvolve both Confocal and RCM (Rescan) images.

Aicher S-M, Monaghan P, Netherton CL, Hawes PC. (2021). Unpicking the Secrets of African Swine Fever Viral Replication Sites. Viruses. 2021; 13(1):77.

Jähne S, Mikulasch F, Heuer H.G.H, Truckenbrodt S, Agüi-Gonzalez P, Grewe K, Vogts A, Rizzoli S.O, Priesemann V. (2021). Presynaptic activity and protein turnover are correlated at the single-synapse level. Cell Reports. volume 34, Issue 11, 16 March 2021


Jonkman J, Brown CM, Wright GD, Anderson KI, North AJ. (2020). Tutorial: guidance for quantitative confocal microscopy.
Nature Protocols - review Mar 31 2020
This paper refers to Huygens as the deconvolution package that can address many different microscopy images. The authors also emphasize the importance of preserving quantitative information by treating images similarly. Huygens unique Workflow Proccesor and Huygens Remote Manager are ideal for this purpose.

Willems J, de Jong A ,Scheefhals N, Mertens E, Catsburg L, Poorthuis R, de Winter F, Verhaagen J, Meye F, MacGillavry H (2020). ORANGE: A CRISPR/Cas9-based genome editing toolbox for epitope tagging of endogenous proteins in neurons
PLOS Biology April 10, 2020
In vivo STED imaged of dendrites were deconvolved with Huygens.

Bucevičius J, Gilat T, Lukinavičius G. (2020). Far-red switching DNA probes for live cell nanoscopy
Chem. Commun., 2020, 56, 14797-14800
Huygens Localizer was used to analyze SMLM images.

Hildebrand, S., Schueth, A., Wangenheim, K.v. et al. (2020). hFRUIT: An optimized agent for optical clearing of DiI-stained adult human brain tissue.
Sci Rep 10, 9950
Huygens PSF distiller, Object Stabilizer for deskewing, and deconvolution was used for restoring Light Sheet data.

González-Domínguez I, Puente-Massaguer E, Cervera L, Gòdia F. (2020). Quality Assessment of Virus-Like Particles at Single Particle Level: A Comparative Study.
Viruses 2020, 12(2), 223
Huygens was used for deconvolving Leica SP8 confocal data.

González-Domínguez I, Puente-Massaguer E, Cervera L, Gòdia F. (2020). Quantification of the HIV‐1 virus‐like particle production process by super‐resolution imaging: from VLP budding to nanoparticle analysis.
Biotechnology and Bioengineering. April 2020
Huygens was used for deconvolving Leica SP8 confocal data.

Gӧbel J, Engelhardt E, Pelzer P, et al. Mitochondria-Endoplasmic Reticulum Contacts in Reactive Astrocytes Promote Vascular Remodeling.
Cell Metab. 2020, 31(4): 791–808
Huygens deconvolution and 3D object analysis was used for measuring mitochondrial morphology parameters (length, voxel volume and sphericity).

Aoyama-Ishiwatari S, Okazaki T, Iemura S-i, Natsume T, Okada Y, Gotoh Y. (2020). NUDT21 links mitochondrial IPS-1 to RLR-containing stress granules and 3 activates host antiviral defense.
bioRxiv, preprint April 2020
Huygens was used for deconvolution and 3D object counting.

Bolte S., Marcon E., Jaunario M., Moyet L., Paternostre M., Kuntz M., Krieger-Liszkay A. (2020). Dynamics of the localization of the plastid terminal oxidase inside the chloroplast.
Journal of Experimental Botany, publ. Feb 15, 2020

Jarjour A.A., Velichkova A.N., Boyd A., Lord K.M., Torsney C., Henderson D.J., Ffrench-Constant C (2020). The formation of paranodal spirals at the ends of CNS myelin sheaths requires the planar polarity protein Vangl2
GLIA, publ. March 3, 2020
Huygens was used for deconvolving STED image data.

Page J., Saltarin F., Belyaev Y., Lyck R., Favaro P. (2020). Learning to Reconstruct Confocal Microscopy Stacks from Single Light Field Images.
Arxiv.org, publ. March 24, 2020
The CMLE algorithm was used with the Huygens Remote Manager, the web-based implementation of Huygens Core deconvolution software.

Kumar Kondadi A, Anand R, Hänsch S, Urbach J, Zobel T, Wolf DM, Segewa M, Liesa M, Shirihait OS, Weidtkamp‐Peters S, Reichert AS. (2020). Cristae undergo continuous cycles of membrane remodelling in a MICOS‐dependent manner.
EMBO Rep (2020)21:e49776
Quote: Due to the strong depletion and the drastic decrease in emitting fluorophores in STED microscopy, the resulting images tend to have a lower signal‐to‐noise ratio. The increase in axial resolution, and by that reduction in out of focus blur, is not the only benefit of deconvolution. The other major advantages are increase in signal‐to‐noise ratio and resolution.

Bello-Gamboa A, Velasco M, Moreno S, Herranz G, Ilie R, Huetos S, Dávila S, Sánchez A, Bernardino De La Serna J, Calvo V, Izquierdo M (2020). Actin reorganization at the centrosomal area and the immune synapse regulates polarized secretory traffic of multivesicular bodies in T lymphocytes.
J Extracell Vesicles (2020) Jun 19;9(1):1759926.
Widefield and confocal images were deconvolved with Huygens.


Gambarotto D, Zwettler FU, Le Guennec M, Schmidt-Cernohorska M, Fortun D, Borgers S, Heine J, Schloetel JG, Reuss M, Unser M, Boyden ES, Sauer M, Hamel V, Guichard P (2019) Imaging cellular ultrastructures using expansion microscopy (U-ExM)
Nat Methods. 2019 Jan; 16(1): 71–74
Huygens deconvolution used in combination with expansion microscopy

Hötte K, Koch M, Hof L, Tuppi M, Moreth T, Verstegen MMA, van der Laan LJW, Stelzer EHK, Pampaloni F. (2019).
Ultra-thin fluorocarbon foils optimise multiscale imaging of three-dimensional native and optically cleared specimens.
Sci Rep 9, 17292 (2019)
Huygens was used for Light Sheet FUSION

Bhukel, A., Beuschel, C. B., Maglione, M., Lehmann, M., Juhász, G., Madeo, F., & Sigrist, S. J. (2019). Autophagy within the mushroom body protects from synapse aging in a non-cell autonomous manner.
Nature communications, 10(1), 1318.
Huygens was used for deconvolution

Watanabe K, Takao D, Ito KK, Takahashi M, Kitagawa D (2019).
The Cep57-pericentrin module organizes PCM expansion and centriole engagement
Nature Communications vol10 (2019)
Huygens was used for deconvolution of STED and confocal image data

Düring D, Diales Rocha M, Dittrich F, Gahr M, Hahnloser R (2019). Expansion Light Sheet Microscopy Resolves Subcellular Structures in Large Portions of the Songbird Brain.
Front. Neuroanat., 31 January 2019
Huygens deconvolution was used in combination with expansion microscopy and light sheet imaging

Matczuk,AK, Chodaczek G, Ugorski M. (2019). Production of Recombinant EAV with Tagged Structural Protein Gp3 to Study Artervirus Minor Protein Localization in Infected Cells
Viruses. 2019 Aug; 11(8): 735.
Huygens was used for deconvolution

Spahn C, Grimm JB, Lavis LD, Lampe M, Heilemann M. (2019). Whole-Cell, 3D, and Multicolor STED Imaging with Exchangeable Fluorophores.
Nano Lett.;19(1):500-505.
Huygens was used for deconvolution

Bello-Gamboa, A., Izquierdo, J. M., Velasco, M., Moreno, S., Garrido, A., Meyers, L., Palomino, J. C., Calvo, V., Izquierdo, M. Imaging the Human Immunological Synapse. J. Vis. Exp. (154).
Huygens was used for deconvolution. A video journal available online at JoVE also shows the difference Huygens deconvolution makes.

Mohan S, Coto Hernandez I, Selig MK, Shibata S, Jowett N. (2019).
Stain-Free Resolution of Unmyelinated Axons in Transgenic Mice Using Fluorescence Microscopy.
J. Neuropathol Exp Neurol vol.0,no.0: 1-3
Huygens was used for deconvolution and Remko Dijkstra (SVI) was acknowledged for guidance with the imaging

Lingemann M, McCarty T, Liu X, Buchholz UJ, Surman S, Martin SE, Collins PL, Munir S (2019).
The alpha-1 subunit of the Na+,K+-ATPase (ATP1A1) is required for macropinocytic entry of respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) in human respiratory epithelial cells.
Plos Pathogens, 05 Aug 2019
Huygens was used for deconvolution

Li, Y-F, Canário AVM, Power DM, Campinho MA. (2019). Ioxynil and diethylstilbestrol disrupt vascular and heart development in zebrafish. Environment International. 124, 511-520.Epub 2019 Jan 25.
Huygens was used for deconvolution

Fekete, A., Nakamura, Y., Yang, Y. M., Herlitze, S., Mark, M. D., DiGregorio, D. A., & Wang, L. Y. (2019). Underpinning heterogeneity in synaptic transmission by presynaptic ensembles of distinct morphological modules.
Nature communications, 10(1), 826.
Huygens was used for deconvolution

Bommel B, Konietzny A, Kobler O, Bär J and Mikhaylova M. (2019). Anisotropic mechanics and dynamics of a living mammalian cytoplasm. EMBO J 38:e101183, 15(2), 190-199
Huygens was used for confocal and STED deconvolution

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Huygens was used for confocal and STED deconvolution

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Huygens was used for deconvolution

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Huygens was used for deconvolution

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Huygens was used for deconvolution

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Huygens was used for deconvolution, colocalization, and object analysis

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Brain, behavior, and immunity.
Huygens was used for deconvolution

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Huygens was used for deconvolution

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Huygens was used for deconvolution

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Huygens was used for deconvolution

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Huygens was used for deconvolution

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Huygens was used for deconvolution

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Huygens was used for deconvolution

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Huygens was used for deconvolution

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Huygens was used for deconvolution

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Huygens was used for deconvolution

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Huygens was used for deconvolution

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Huygens was used for deconvolution

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Huygens was used for deconvolution

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Huygens was used for STED deconvolution

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Huygens was used for deconvolution

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Huygens was used for deconvolution

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Huygens was used for deconvolution

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This study describes in detail the use of Huygens Colocalization Analyzer


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Huygens was used for deconvolution of STED data

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Huygens was used for deconvolution, and the Huygens Object Analyzer was used to determine "the spatial relationships between fluorescent structures corresponding to (dye-filled) AII amacrine cell and immunolabeled punctae."

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Cell Report s 25, 118–129
Huygens was used for deconvolution and generating Maximum Intensity Projections of LSM 780images

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Huygens deconvolution used in combination with expansion microscopy

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Huygens was used for deconvolution

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Huygens was used for deconvolution of confocal images

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Huygens was used for deconvolution of both Zeiss and Leica confocal images

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Huygens was used for deconvolution of confocal images

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Huygens was used for deconvolution of confocal images

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Huygens was used for deconvolution

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Huygens was used for deconvolution

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Huygens was used for deconvolution

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This paper describes different microscopy techniques for studying the immunological secretory response and the importance of using Huygens deconvolution

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Acta Histochemica . 120:329-339.
Huygens was used for deconvolution, and colocalization and object analysis

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Huygens was used for deconvolution; Golgi organization was analyzed with Huygens Colocalization Analyzer and Huygens Object Analyzer

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Huygens was used for deconvolution.

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Mitochondrion 44: 41-52.
Huygens was used for deconvolution.

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Huygens was used for deconvolution.

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Huygens deconvolution was used for ER recontruction and SVI support was acknowledged.

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Huygens was used for deconvolution.

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Huygens was used for deconvolution.

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Brain Struct Funct. 2018 Sep;223(7):3383-3410.
Huygens was used for deconvolution, and the Object Stabilizer option was used to "align image slices along the Z-axis to compensate for drift and other mechanical instabilities."

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Huygens was used for deconvolution.

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Huygens was used for deconvolution.

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Huygens was used for deconvolution.

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Huygens was used for deconvolution.


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"Huygens was used for deconvolution of STED images"

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''Huygens was used for deconvolution"

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''Huygens was used for deconvolution of STED images and a reference was made to our STED article in Microscopy Today"

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''Huygens deconvolution was used in combination with expansion microscopy"

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This is a very interesting paper on how to improve extremely low signal data with Huygens.

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Huygens was used for deconvolution

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Huygens was used for deconvolution

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This is a very interesting paper (note: read the included revision as well) on how to improve extremely low signal data with Huygens.


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The Huygens software was used to deconvolve and visualize the cover of this issue of The Journal of Biological Chemistry.

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AII amacrine cells: quantitative reconstruction and morphometric analysis of electrophysiologically identified cells in live rat retinal slices imaged with multi-photon excitation microscopy.
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This paper describes in much detail the optimimal imaging and deconvolutution settings that were applied.

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IF-combined smRNA FISH reveals interaction of MCPIP1 protein with IER3 mRNA
Biology Open 2016 : doi: 10.1242/bio.018010
Huygens was used for deconvolution and the Huygens Colocalization Analyzer option was applied].

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Huygens deconvolution was used to create the cover of this issue of Nature Protocols.

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"Huygens deconvolution, Colocalization Analyzer and Surface Renderer were used"

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Drosophila germ granules are structured and contain homotypic mRNA clusters
Nature Communications 6 (August 2015) doi 10.1038/ncomms8962]
Huygens deconvolution and pixel shift correction was used here.

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"Huygens deconvolution was used with STED imaging and Cover image.''

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"Huygens deconvolution was used and the Cover image was provided.''

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Super-resolution stimulated emission depletion imaging of slit diaphragm proteins in optically
cleared kidney tissue.
Kidney International Kidney International, online publication ahead of print, 7 October 2015
"Huygens deconvolution was used with STED imaging and Cover image.''

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Disruption of a Neural Microcircuit in the Rod Pathway of the Mammalian Retina by Duabetes Mellitus.
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"Huygens deconvolution was used with STED imaging and Cover image.''

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Huygens deconvolution was used to create the cover of this J. Neuroscience issue.

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This paper describes two methods to calibrate Z sampling of 3D confocal microscopes. See also CalibrateAxialDistances.

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Super-resolution Imaging of the Natural Killer Cell Immunological Synapse on a Glass-supported Planar Lipid Bilayer.
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Deconvolution of Very Large Data Sets
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This article shows that deconvolution of large datasets like SPIM data, can be easily performed with the Huygens Remote Manager/Core.

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Huygens was used for deconvolving confocal images.

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Huygens CMLE was used for confocal and STED deconvolution. Huygens Advanced Object Analyzer was applied to segment the cell boundary and to measure the number and geometry of internalized nanoparticles. The authors took the effort to describe the analysis workflow thoroughly.


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With Huygens deconvolution an "adequate x and y resolution was achieved to distinguish spine heads and spine necks".

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Huygens deconvolution and Huygens Colocalization Analyzer was used for this study

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This paper nicely shows that Huygens fits perfectly well in high content screening workflows and that Huygens deconvolution benefits image quality and further analysis

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Cover image of the issue was also deconvolved with Huygens Professional

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"Huygens was used for deconvolving Zeiss LSM510 images"

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"Huygens was used for deconvolving the images"


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This paper nicely describes the use of Huygens Deconvolution for images acquired with a DeltaVision microscope

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Huygens Object Analyzer is used in this paper to segment and count objects

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Link to cover publisher website

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