Huygens Node-Locked license

Enduring Huygens functionality tailored to your needs

One-time purchase

Huygens node-locked is a one-time purchase for enduring functionality on a single device.

Get reliable images easily

Reveal the truth in your image fast and easily with Huygens’ renowned MLE algorithms.

Full year of maintenance and updates included

All software updates are automatically added to your license for a full year after your purchase.


One-time purchase

With a Huygens node-locked license you get enduring Huygens functionality on a device of your choice, as long as the hardware and operating system (Sytem-ID) remains the same you can use the software indefinitely! The license can be fully tailored to your needs, to include all restoration, analysis and visualization features fit for your research. You automatically receive any software update or maintenance for a full year after your purchase. This includes, but is not limited to, two major and about twenty intermittent updates, customized private training and lectures by SVI specialists, and free transfer of your license to new hardware. After the first year, you can choose to extend your maintenance to ensure that you are always working with the most current version of Huygens. In addition, you can always add features to your license when desired.

How to

After your node-locked license purchase, you are sent a license string. Information on how to install this string and start using Huygens can be found on the License String page. For any questions you can always visit the Help Center or contact us directly.