Huygens VT-iSIM Deconvolution Option

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Huygens Deconvolved
VisiTech VT-iSIM is an imaging system that combines high temporal and spatial resolution. Huygens current Essential and Professional versions can be equipped with a deconvolution option for instant-SIM (VT-iSIM) images. This powerful Huygens option offers an even further improvement in object resolution in xyz, a correction for noise and background, and an increase in object signal. As a result, objects will be more realistically represented and are more easy to segment for further visualization and analysis. Moreover, the gain in signal and correction of noise also allow you to image even faster than already possible with less phototoxicity and bleaching.

Image Description
VT-iSIM image before and after Huygens deconvolution of a bovine pulmonary artery endothelial cells (BPAEC, Invitrogen FluoCells slide #2), which was stained with Texas Red-X phalloidin (F-actin), anti-tubulin (BODIPY-FL), and DAPI. Scale bar is 1 micron. Courtesy: Steven Coleman and Subash Chinnaraj - VisiTech International Ltd.

The best deconvolution results can be achieved by using a measured PSF extracted with the Huygens PSF Distiller. After deconvolution, images can be used for reliable image analysis, for example with the Huygens Object Analyzer.

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