Huygens Stitcher

High-quality stitching for all microscopy data types with optional deconvolution and vignetting correction.

Huygens Stitcher Wizard is unique in its approach to optimize the position of each tile in the mosaic at extremely high precision in both xy and in z. The wizard combines this unique 3D fitting with options to perform deconvolution and to correct for vignetting/shading issues. Vignetting correction can be performed fully automatically using an intelligent vignetting model, or by manually loading a flat and dark-field frame. Huygens Stitcher is GPU accelerated and supports 2D, 3D, multichannel, and time series images from a range of different microscope types (including widefield, brightfiels, confocal, light sheet and multi-detector systems). The tile layout information is automatically loaded from DeltaVision, LIF, CZI, ND2 (Windows) and Abberior OBF, and can also be provided as an XML file. A clear preview window presents the loaded mosaic layout and offers direct visual feedback when settings are adjusted to further optimize the pattern. Huygens Stitcher is available for Huygens Essential and Professional.


Image description:
Tiles from a 2-channel Zeiss confocal .czi file of a brain section were stitched, automatically vignetting-corrected, and deconvolved with Huygens Stitcher. Image courtesy Dr. Moritz Kirschmann, Center for Microscopy and Image Analysis ZMB, University of Zurich, Switzerland.

No Limits

No limit to the number of tiles or file size. Works with 2D, 3D, multichannel, and time series images from all types of microscopes.

Vignetting correction

Automated and manual vignetting correction is available to account for vignetting and shading issues.

Deconvolution Included

Resolution and contrast improvement is optional using the wizard-integrated Huygens renowned deconvolution.

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  • Easy to use Wizard for obtaining unmatched stitching results.
  • Interactive mosaic preview of the tile content.
  • Optimal 3D positioning of each tile guarantees smooth transitions across regions of overlap in X, Y and Z.
  • Tiles with 0% overlap can still be stitched.
  • Support for 2D, 3D, multichannel, and time series images.
  • No limit to the number of tiles that can be stitched.
  • No limit to the total file size of the input sequence.
  • Automatic vignetting estimation and correction option for each channel.
  • Manual vignetting and shading correction option by including a recorded flat and dark-filed frame.
  • Optional high quality Huygens deconvolution integrated in workflow.
  • Registration and deconvolution is supported by GPU.
  • Choice for only stitching and optional vignetting also possible by simply skipping deconvolution in this wizard.
  • Stitches all file types supported in Huygens (some my require a XML file with layout/location information).
  • Reads layout information from Abberior STEDYCON (OBF), DeltaVision, LIF, CZI, ND2(Windows) formats automatically
  • Support for custom stitching patterns.

No Vignetting Correction
Auto Vignetting correction
Huygens stitched tiles of widefield (Leica) fluorescent Leica LIF data. The same data is shown with and without Huygens automatic vignetting and shading correction. Image represents a developing mouse cortex (P30) stained for Tbr1 and reelin. Courtesy of Dr. Kolk and Dr. Witteveen, Nijmegen Centre for Molecular Life Science, The Netherlands

Large Stitching Example With Inset Deconvolved
Impressive large FOV (22477 x 19936 pixels) dual-channel confocal dataset, imaged with the Abberior Instruments STEDYCON. The dataset was acquired by imaging 3090 individual tiles. All tiles were stitched using the Huygens Stitcher wizard, resulting in a field of view of approx 2 x 2 millimeter with 100nm pixel sampling. Inset shows a zoomed-in region of single cell to appreciate the level of detail in the full dataset.

Available for Huygens Essential & Professional

The Huygens Stitcher can be tested with a free test license. The product is commercially available as a licensed option for Huygens Essential & Professional.

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