Huygens Image & Movie Contest 2024

(Images of previous prize winners can be seen here)

Submit your most favorite image and/or movie for which Huygens was used!


The 1st prize winner receives a Chromebook (14 inch touchscreen, 4GB RAM, 64GB SSD).
Winners of the 2nd to 5th prize will be send an external 0.5TB SSD with a print of the winning image.

With submitting images/movies, you:

  • include your name, Institute, and postal address.
  • include a short description of the imaged object and in what way HUYGENS was used.
  • agree that you are the copyright holder of the data
  • are aware that only microscopy images are accepted
  • agree that SVI can use the data for commercial and educational purposes

Submit before December 14th, 2024

You can send them via contest@svi.nl or, if too large, via this Upload Site. Winners will be informed within a week after the deadline.

Need access to Huygens? 

Download the latest Huygens Suite on your own computer and contact us for a free Huygens trial to create your perfect image or movie.

Download Flyer? 

Feel free to download this flyer and post it in your department or imaging facility.

We look forward to seeing your image(s) and movie(s)!

The SVI team

1st Prize Winner of 2023

Image from Dr. Juraj Kabat, Biological Imaging Facility, NIAID/NIH, Bethesda, MD, USA

SFP Smaller
Various Huygens options were used to produce this high quality and artistic picture. Mouse hair follicle visualized with the Huygens SFP renderer. Green is epithelial cells, Red is blood vessels, Cyan is lymphatic vessels, Magenta is CD45. Image was acquired on Leica Stellaris WLL system/confocal and opened in Huygens and corrected for unwanted movement (Object Stabilizer) and crosstalk, deconvolved, corrected for chromatic aberration, and visualized using Huygens SFP renderer.