New features in Huygens Software

When not specified, changes apply to all Huygens Software products. Labels indicate particular products only: E = Huygens Essential, P = Huygens Professional, S = Huygens Scripting, C = Huygens Core, T = Huygens Titan. For older release information see: WhatsNewArchive.

18.10 Release

Huygens Professional & Essential

  • Array Detector deconvolution option:
    • Airyscan (including Fast Mode)
    • NanoSPAD array
    • Generic Array Detector
    • Support for CPU and GPU.
    • Processing tools: Deconvolution Wizard, Deconvolution Express, Operations Window, Batch Processor.

  • Array Detector Visualization options:
    • Slicers: Slicer, Twin Slicer, Orthogonal Slicer.
    • Renderers: MIP, SFP, Surface Renderer.

  • Array Detector Analysis options:
    • 1D Histogram, Nyquist, Statistics, Object Analyzer.

  • Added in File Reader:
    • Abberior .MSR
    • Support for Array detector file formats: CZI, ICS, HDF5
    • Leica LIF files: read files that contain both tiles and light sheet views.

  • Improved Speed in Surface Renderer, Object Analyzer.

Minor changes
  • (E/P) File readers/writers:
    • More responsive GUI on Windows.
  • (E/P) Stitcher:
    • Add option to convert the data type of the resulting image.
  • (E/P) 2D thumbnails:
    • Render the X and Y physical sizes instead of the number of pixels.
  • (E/P) Slicer:
    • Update GUI.
  • (E/P) Object Tracker:
    • Correctly show the Region Of Interest (ROI) visualization when importing into the object tracker.
  • (E/P) Object Analyzer:
    • Add button to reset segmentation threshold slider to initial value (Otsu's method).

Bug fixes

  • (All) File readers on Windows:
    • Fix long wait times when there's only 1 thread available.
  • (All) OME XML file reader:
    • Improved meta data interpreter.
  • (E/P) Colocalization Analyzer:
    • Fix for single object analysis not always reporting all statistics.
  • (E/P) Object Analyzer:
    • Fix for slightly different initial values of segmentation threshold between primary and secondary pipe.


(27th February 2019)
  • (All) GPU support:
    • Cleanly free the GPU memory still in use by images when Huygens is closed.
    • Initialize GPU memory on image allocations.
    • Fixes for mirror operations running out of memory (fall back to the CPU).

  • (All) Image Stabilization:
    • Lower memory consumption.
    • Change the name of the tight cropping method to 'very tight'. Introduce a new 'tight' mode.

  • (All) Image thumbnails:
    • Fix menu entries "save as .txt" and "save as .csv".

  • (All) OME-TIFF reader:
    • Faster processing of time series.

  • (E/P) Deconvolution Express & Batch Express:
    • Fixes for extremely low signal images.

  • (E/P) Image Fusion:
    • Fixes in template handling.
    • Fixes in non-isosampling cases.

  • (E/P) Image Stitcher:
    • When the meta data contains no tile offsets ask the user if a default layout should be used instead. The layout can then be adjusted later on in the corresponding wizard stage.

  • (E/P) Batch Processor:
    • Fix regression in the chromatic aberration correction concerning rotation and scaling differences across channels.

  • (E/P) Image Z2T conversion:
    • Update the image dimensions in the statistics frame.


(16th January 2019)
  • (E/P) Decon Express:
    • Add a warning to notify when there's not enough memory for an image backup.
  • (All) Linux (Ubuntu) installer:
    • Fixes for the Ubuntu software center tool.


(7th January 2019)
  • (All) ICS writer:
    • Small adaptation in new image parameter to facilitate reading ICS files in other software.
  • (All) Command interpreter:
    • Fix potential memory leak.
  • (E/P) Stitcher Wizard:
    • Fix regression introduced by the new array detector templates.
    • Add workaround for stitching images from the Zeiss Z1 when the acquisition is done in 'light sheet views + tiles' mode.
  • (E/P) Colocalization Wizard:
    • Fix bug where different instances of the tool could affect each other's wizard state.
  • (P/C) OS X user interface:
    • Fix mangled arrow character introducing a command result.
  • (C) HRM image previews:
    • Fix aspect ratio for unequal X/Y sampling.
  • (C) HRM SNR estimator:
    • Fix regression introduced in version 18.10 about a "missing function argument".


(7th December 2018)
  • (All) GMLE + Array detector:
    • Add support for the 'varPsf' option to deal with extreme spherical aberration.
  • (All) LOF file reader:
    • Fix hard error.
  • (All) Monadic operations:
    • Fixes for binary images.
  • (E/P) Array detector:
    • Change text in the statistics tab "Parameter dimension size" -> "Number of detectors".
  • (E/P) Twin Slicer:
    • Fixes for using the preferences in the 3rd viewport.
  • (E) Thumbnail and main menus:
    • More consistent naming of menu items.


(28th November 2018)
  • (All) GPU support:
    • Add support for the Nvidia Quadro RTX 4000.
    • Fix potential bug in GPU-to-GPU image copy operations.
  • (All) CZI reader:
    • Improve reading of Airyscan images.
    • Add support for reading different Airyscan acquisition modes as separate sub images.
    • Add support for multi file images.
  • (All) Software initialization:
    • Fix regression which prevented the CE version from being displayed at startup.
  • (All) Error handling:
    • Improve error messages for invalid SNR values and image names.


(20th November 2018)
  • (All) CZI reader:
    • Fix for loading Zeiss Airyscan data sets on Windows.
  • (E/P) Movie Maker:
    • Fix regression in the embedded tutorial.
  • (E/P) Batch Express:
    • Add support for Array Detector and Rescan Confocal Microscopy images.
  • (E/P) Gallery tool:
    • Fix layout for multi detector images.
  • (E/P) Batch Processor:
    • Fix button for launching the microscopic parameter template dialog.
  • (E/P) Thumbnail panel:
    • Fix thumbnails with very long image names.
  • (E/P) Paned windows:
    • Reinstate sash handle for easier resizing.
  • (P) Histogram tab:
    • Allow for wider histograms. The control buttons can now be found under the histogram plot.

Huygens Remote Manager 3.6

The highlights of this release are:

  • New Array Detector deconvolution (a.o. Airyscan and nanoSPAD)
  • New Rescan deconvolution
  • New UI dark theme
  • Performance and stability improvements in the job queue
  • Compatibility upgrade to PHP 7.2
    • Please notice that this is the last HRM release to support PHP 5.x which was officially discontinued at the end of 2018!

HRM 3.6 also brings along some other changes:

New Array Detector deconvolution

HRM has been extended to support one of the most requested new features in Huygens: array detector deconvolution. Therefore, Huygens 18.10 is needed for deconvolving this type of data in HRM. For more information about the array detector option in Huygens see https://svi.nl/Array-Detector.

New UI dark theme

In the previous version (3.5), HRM started a major effort toward a modern user interface. In this new version, we continue down that path by releasing a dark theme that makes HRM more gentle on the eyes of those doing deconvolution right from within the dark room. But of course, you can use it everywhere!
If the UI shows any glitches at first, please clear the browser cache.

Have fun with HRM 3.6!
(source http://www.huygens-rm.org)

For older release information see: WhatsNewArchive.

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