New features in Huygens Software

When not specified, changes apply to all Huygens Software products. Labels indicate particular products only: E = Huygens Essential, P = Huygens Professional, S = Huygens Scripting, C = Huygens Core, T = Huygens Titan. For older release information see: WhatsNewArchive.

18.04 Release

Huygens Professional & Essential

  • New Batch Express:
    • Automatic, instant deconvolution for all acquired images.
    • Watches selected folders for new images.
    • Loads and deconvolves images automatically.
    • Deconvolution Express in batch mode.
    • Convenient control over the processing queue.
    • Easy visualization of processed images.
    • Easy link with other Huygens tools.

  • Object Stabilizer:
    • New deskew mode for Lattice Light Sheet data.
    • Ability to choose a reference frame or slice.
    • Optional iterative filtering for confocal Z-stacks.

  • GPU Processing:
    • New GPU image filters.
    • New GPU image copy, statistics and histogram operations.
    • New GPU slicing, multiMIP.
    • Faster deconvolution, visualization, and Deconvolution Express.

  • Image Readers:
    • New native Nikon ND2 and Olympus OIR readers for Windows.

  • GUI:
    • New 'right-click' pop-up menu for the thumbnails.
    • New tabs.

Huygens Professional

  • Multi-GPU Processing:
    • New parallelization of the channels and/or time frames of an image over more GPUs (see Operations window).

Huygens Essential

  • GUI:
    • New multiple image selection.
  • Data types:
    • New option 'convert to float' in 'Tools' menu.

Minor changes

  • (All) GUI:
    • The night theme is now the new default Huygens theme.
    • Improved night theme version of the open image dialog.
  • (E/P) Stitcher:
    • New support for tiled DeltaVision files.
  • (E/P) Object Analyzer:
    • Improved memory efficiency.
  • (E/P) Bleaching Corrector:
    • More intuitive UI.
    • Enable manual correction of 3D confocal images.
  • (E/P) GPU Status tool:
    • Improved support for editing the GPU device configuration.
  • (E/P) Join Images tool:
    • New support for joining images along x, y, z, and t.
  • (P) GUI:
    • New RAM memory widget.

Bug fixes

  • (E/P) Colocalization Analyzer:
    • Improved accuracy of the Object Pearson coefficient.
    • Fix bug in the calculation of the Object Spearman coefficient using an ROI image.


(8th October 2018)
  • (All) Nikon ND2 reader:
    • Fix for DLL capitalization.
  • (All) LSM reader:
    • Fix for undocumented channel tags (monitor diodes > 1).
  • (All) CZI reader:
    • Fix for unusual meta data strings in Spinning Disk images.
    • Fix for 'System Raw' "compression" reporting no decoding information.
  • (E/P) Colocalization Analyzer:
    • Fix initialization of the threshold estimation method for unreviewed time frames.
  • (E/P) Fusion Wizard:
    • Fix potential deconvolution issue on integer images.
    • Fix error on adding image files.
  • (E/P) Hot & Cold Pixel Remover:
    • Fix quick launch button.
  • (E/P) Wizard Stabilizer:
    • Allow tight cropping for all stabilization modes when there's no rotation.!!


(18th September 2018)
  • (All) Basic operations:
    • Fix an error when copying extremely small data sets with multiple threads.
  • (All) CUDA support:
    • Add GP100 GPU cards.
    • Fix potential error in mirror operation.
  • (E/P) Fusion Wizard:
    • Fix several workflow glitches.


(5th September 2018)
  • (All) 'estbg' command:
    • Fix silent error in the CPU background estimation of unsigned integer images.
  • (All) CUDA support:
    • Add support for new NVIDIA GPU models.
  • (E/P) Decon Express:
    • Faster ROI deconvolution reruns when the ROI remains at the same position.
  • (E/P) Fusion Wizard:
    • Lower the memory requirements.
    • Fixes for better fusing difficult images.


(21st August 2018)
  • (E/P) Communication with LAS X:
    • Fix regression in version 18.04 for successfully processing images with the Low, Normal, or High Signal strategy.
  • (E/P) Preferences Window:
    • Fix regression in the window size.


(16th August 2018)
  • (All) Nikon Nd2 file reader:
    • On Linux and Mac fix overflow in the product of the dimensions.
    • On Windows add Spinning Disk types.
  • (E/P) Geometry conversion tool:
    • Fix modes XY(ZCh) -> XYZCh, XY(ChZ) -> XYZCh, and XY(TZ) -> XYZT.
  • (E/P) 'Save As' dialog:
    • Fix action on multiple selection.
  • (E/P) Microscopic Parameters:
    • Fix reading the confidence level of the T sampling from templates.
  • (E/P) Decon Express:
    • Fix for multichannel STED 3X images.
  • (E/P) Batch Processor:
    • Fix case where the measured PSF contains fewer channels than specified in the templates.
  • (E/P) Deconvolution wizard:
    • Fix warning about background free images.
  • (E/P) Stitcher wizard:
    • Fix for time series supplied in TIFF form.
    • Fix manual flat field correction for combinations of tiles and flat field images where there's a dimension mismatch of the form 'size = 0 vs size = 1'.
    • Fix quick launch button.


(12th July 2018)
  • (All) CUDA:
    • Add support for potential CUDA 9.3 release.
  • (All) HDF5 reader/writer:
    • More responsive GUI on Windows while reading/writing.
    • Fix reading/writing binary images.
  • (All) LIF reader:
    • Fix meta data interpretation in some unusual confocal cases.
  • (All) XLIF reader:
    • Fix tile reading.
  • (All) ND2 reader:
    • More gracious error handling of 'preOpen' on non-Windows systems. This fixes processing ND2 files in Batch Express on Linux, for example.
    • More accurate pinhole radius calculation on Windows.
  • (All) OIR reader:
    • Fix sampling sizes.
  • (All) PSF distiller:
    • Fix regression where the image stabilizer could not be called from within the PSF distiller for STED beads images.
  • (All) Multi MIP:
    • Fix projection along T in GPU implementation.
  • (All) 2D histogram:
    • Fix missing buffer initialization in the GPU implementation which could potentially lead to an inconsistent histogram.
  • (All) Resample command:
    • Fix missing initialization that could potentially lead to inconsistent results.
  • (All) GPU license requirements:
    • Put the GeForce GTX 1050 with 3 GB of VRAM in the list of cards that require a small license.
  • (E/P) Deconvolution wizard:
    • Fix contrast of right viewport, which could show differences w.r.t the left one.
  • (E/P) Stitcher wizard:
    • Fix issue where deconvolution templates did not get loaded for Ch > 0.
  • (E/P): Image Stabilizer:
    • Fix potential memory leak.
  • (E/P): Cropper:
    • Prevent the use of an unsupported combination of using strides and operating on a binary source image in creating the MIP for visualization.
  • (E/P) Preferences window:
    • Scale with DPI value.
  • (E/P): SPIM labels:
    • Renamed as 'Light sheet'.
  • (E): Thumbnail panel:
    • Fixed the update of the histogram when a new image is selected.


(25th May 2018)
  • (All) QMLE/GMLE:
    • Fix potential memory leak in the GPU versions.
  • (All) OIR Reader (Windows):
    • Improve interpretation of meta data values.
  • (E/P) Decon Express and HyVolution:
    • Fix for a 'setBias' error message.
  • (E) Thumbnail pop-up:
    • Fix broken 'Save as' dialog.


(15th May 2018)
  • (All) ND2 Reader:
    • Fix for less usual combinations of dimensions (Mac OSX, Linux).
  • (All) Nyquist report:
    • Fix for STED channels > 1.
  • (All) QMLE:
    • Improve accuracy for Widefield images.
  • (E/P) Bleaching Corrector:
    • Fix potential glitch in spinbox causing it to keep looping.
  • (E/P) Image Delete:
    • Reinstate old shortcut.

For older release information see: WhatsNewArchive.