New features in Huygens Software

When not specified, changes apply to all Huygens Software products. Labels indicate particular products only: E = Huygens Essential, P = Huygens Professional, S = Huygens Scripting, C = Huygens Core, T = Huygens Titan. For older release information see: WhatsNewArchive.

17.10 Release

The Huygens What's New in the 17.10 version webinar (21st of November 2017) will showcase the new features that are included in the upcoming 17.10 Huygens version. The new version will include, for example, improvements in the Colocalization analyzer, in the Hot pixel remover, in the Deconvolution Express and image feeder. Furthermore, the 17.10 includes a feature that a lot of our users requested: real time deconvolution on ROI's, with direct feedbackfor the SNR.

Huygens Professional & Essential

  • Deconvolution Express:
    • Visualize raw data and deconvolution results.
    • Select ROIs for deconvolution previews.
    • Customize the sharpness/smoothness for each channel.
    • Enable Deconvolution Express and save the resulting images in a fully automated mode for data loaded through the Image Feeder folder.

  • Deconvolution Wizard:
    • A new Deconvolution Preview for ROIs.

  • Colocalization Analyzer:
    • ROI drawing tool for masks.
    • Time series plot for colocalization coefficients.

  • Hot Pixel Remover:
    • Simplified interface with on-the-fly correction.
    • Improved hot pixel detection algorithm.
    • Import and export hot pixel masks.
    • Correct hot pixels in batch mode.

Huygens Professional

  • Multiple Selection of Images:
    • Select several images in the thumbnail overview (Ctlr+Mouse or Shift+Mouse).
    • Many operations can be applied to the selection at once (Decon Express, Export, Save, Fuse, etc).
    • Thumbnails can be reordered.
  • Multi-GPU deconvolution:
    • For single images with multiple channels and/or time frames.
    • Available for CMLE, QMLE and GMLE via the Operations Window on Linux.

Minor changes
  • (All) Support for unsigned integer data types.
    • Image operations, restoration, visualization, analysis, loading and saving data.
    • All image readers and writers (ICS, HDF5, etc.).
    • Import/Export from/to Leica's LAS X.
    • Due to larger dynamic range fewer cases where scaling is needed.
  • (All) QMLE/GMLE:
    • Extend restoration reports.
  • (All) CMLE/GMLE:
    • Background estimation: GPU support, more accurate results on very low light backgrounds
  • (All) GMLE:
    • Improved handling of images with a Signal to Noise Ratio of around 1.
  • (E/P) Colocalization Analyzer:
    • Speed enhancements and RAM reduction for threshold estimators.
    • Save colocalization map in HDF5-format.
  • (E/P) Batch Processor:
    • Instead of all GPUs or one GPU, a selection of GPUs to do multi-GPU batch deconvolution can be made.
  • (E/P) File Browser:
    • Improved, faster tab completion for the Linux version.
  • (E/P) GUI scaling:
    • Allow scaling down for small laptop screens.
  • (P) Slicers:
    • Select the default tool for the double-click action (see preferences).

Bug fixes
  • (All) CZI reader:
    • Fix negative offset in images with many dimensions (tiles, views, scenes, etc).
  • (All) Metamorph ND reader:
    • Fix several cases for ND version 1.0.
  • (E/P) Batch Processor:
    • Fix potential communication issue between the Batch Processor and the Compute Engine.
  • (T) Fix stalled indexer.
  • (E/P) Twin slicer:
    • Improved speed.
    • Fix rotation with MIP and Sum mode.


(19th March 2018)
  • (All) MultiMIP in Mac OSX for El Capitan or older:
    • Fix tools using the MultiMIP command: Orthogonal Slicer, Cropper, etc.
  • (All) HDF5 reader:
    • Fix for foreign HDF5 writers using unsigned integers.
  • (All) GMLE:
    • Improve accuracy in cases of extreme low light.


(27th February 2018)
  • (All) thres command:
    • Fix for unsigned integer images when requesting a binary output.
  • (All) DeltaVision reader:
    • Add support for tiled images.
  • (All) ND2 reader:
    • Fix for less usual combinations of dimensions.
  • (All) TIFF writer:
    • Fix clipped regions when saving to TIFF 16 bit (contrast stretch).
  • (All) 'hist' command:
    • Fix name of output image.
  • (All) Huygens Modules:
    • Fix potential initialization issue.
  • (All) Laplace filter:
    • Add missing support for unsigned integer images.
  • (All) Hardware support:
    • Add support for 64 thread CPUs on Windows.
  • (E/P) FWHM tool:
    • Fix fitting procedures when on GPU mode.
  • (E/P) Stitcher:
    • Fix glitch in queue manager for scenes with 200+ tiles.
  • (E/P) Crop window:
    • Fix auto region finding on unsigned integer images.


(29th January 2018)
  • (All) Support for CUDA 9.1 on Windows.
  • (All) Fix error reporting of low level functions which could potentially go silent.
  • (All) Fix error in writing parameter states to hdf5 files.
  • (All) Fix CPU fallback for the unlikely situation where the GPU deconvolution fails.
  • (E/P) Fix updating the contents of the Gallery tool on window resize.
  • (E/P) Add a new route to the Huygens Stitcher to adapt the vignetting options without running the image registration again.
  • (E/P) Fix potential error when loading an ROI in the Colocalization tool.
  • (E/P) Fix initialization problem due to missing DPI preference.
  • (E/P) Fix normalization of Manders and Overlap Colocalization maps.
  • (E/P) Fix GPU code used in thumbnail generation for multi-time-frame multi-channel images.
  • (E/P) Fix that the default value for the signal-to-noise in a per-channel deconvolution template (template editor, Batch Processor) is not a list for all channels any more.


(18th December 2017)
  • (All) GPU processing:
    • Fix initialization of unknown GPU cards.
  • (All) GMLE:
    • Fix occasional variable overflow when on GPU mode.
  • (All) Parameter sanitation for Deconvolution:
    • Instead of stopping and raising an error fix impossible NA and objective RI combinations with clamped values. Proceed to deconvolve the image afterwards.
  • (P/S/C) Multi GPU Deconvolution.
    • More consequent bleaching correction when splitting a time series over a number of GPU cards.
  • (E/P) File Dialog:
    • Fix occasional double entries on the Windows version (Night Theme).
  • (E/P) Batch Processor:
    • Fix potential empty result when stabilizing time series after deconvolution in batch mode.
  • (E/P) Deconvolution Express:
    • Fix for empty channels.
  • (E/P) Fusion Wizard:
    • Fix glitch in rotation estimation.


(29th November 2017)
  • (E/P) Hot Pixel Remover:
    • Changed default view settings.
  • (E/P) Batch Processor:
    • Fix input conversion to floats when requested.
  • (E/P/C) Colocalization Analyzer:
    • Fix potential wrong findings in Costes and optimized method.
  • (E/P/) Object Stabilizer:
    • Fix occasionally incorrect cropping area.
  • (E/P) Export to LAS X 2.0.2:
    • Extend the server side with support for the new unsigned integer type.
  • (E/P) Save As:
    • Fix dialog for types other than HDF5 on Windows (day theme only).
  • (All) Unsigned Integers:
    • Fix some arithmetic operations that did not promote the input data correctly.


(15th November 2017)
  • (All) TIFF writer:
    • Fix saving images larger than 2 GB on Windows.
  • (E/P) Object Analyzer:
    • Fix sorting table entries based on column criteria.
  • (E/P) Save Dialog:
    • Fix TIFF 16 choice which wrongly fell through to the TIFF 8 type.
  • (P/C) Multi GPU support:
    • Fix that command-line options to the multi-GPU deconvolution commands that take channelVector-typed arguments cause errors.
  • (P) Thumbnail Panel:
    • Faster thumbnail updates when on multiple selection mode.

For older release information see: WhatsNewArchive.

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