Acuity parameter

In previous Huygens versions, you could only sharpen or smoothen the deconvolution result by setting the signal to noise ration (SNR) value to a higher or lower value. Since Huygens version 21.10.1p0, the acuity parameter is available in all deconvolution tools and can be used instead.

A big advantage of this new parameter is that the SNR value no longer needs to be changed and can remain the true value, which is a constant property of the image. Huygens will automatically estimate this true SNR value in the Deconvolution Express and Deconvolution Wizard. Note that every channel and every image can have a different SNR value, as it not only depends on the intensity of the light source, exposure time and detector type, but also on other factors like the type of fluorescent dye, amount of staining, and excitation wavelength.

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