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Several interactive analysis tools are available for Huygens to accurately perform 3D-4D measurements, and to obtain and export statistics about object(s), colocalization, and cell/object trajectories.

Screen shot Description
ColocalizationAnalyzer2.png The Colocalization Analyzer.

The Colocalization Analyzer provides quantitative information about the amount of spatial overlap between different data channels, in 3D stacks or 3D time series. Huygens gives you the colocalization coefficients most commonly used in literature: Pearson, Overlap, Spearman, and Manders M and K. Also local statistics of the colocalizing regions can be calculated and visualized. An optional 'Replicate-Based Noise Corrected Correlation (RBNCC) tool can be added to correct the contribution of noise to the Pearson and Spearman coefficient.

Screenshot 3.7.0 The Advanced Object Analyzer.

The Advanced Object Analyzer is a great tool to obtain statistics of individual or all objects with a single button press. With the 3D region of interest (ROI) selector tool you can limit the analysis to a certain volume, but also crop your original data in 3D for further analysis. Objects can be analyzed in different channels and at different time points, and their statistics can be exported as CSV files.

Position.PNG The Object Tracker.

The Object Tracker is equipped with a wizard for optimized object detection and fast track filtering. The integrated Track Analyzer analyzes object position, speed and flow, and enables the user to visualize and export results in histograms and plots, and as CSV files.

You are welcome to explore these options using a free trial version, or to receive pricing information.

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