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Common in Light Sheet Fluorescence Microscopy (LSFM) is the acquistion of multiple (opposing or rotational) views of the object and to fuse these to compensate for light absorption and scattering issues which are so typical in light sheet imaging. With the Huygens Fuser you can align your multiview Light Sheet images using interactive scenes and real-time visual feedback. Learn more.
The Huygens Fuser has the option to deconvolve and fuse Light Sheet images within one single workflow. Several different light sheet setups are supported which include gaussian, high fill factor, scanning and lattice-based systems. By selecting parameter templates customized for your specific LSFM data, both the deconvolution with a light sheet variable PSF and the fusion are easily and reproducibly executed. Huygens unique set of additional restoration options even allow you to correct for additional imaging artefacts like hot&cold pixels, crosstalk (bleedthrough), chromatic aberration, and drift.

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