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Detailed information on the Huygens GPU Acceleration.

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Huygens GPU Acceleration


Learn more about the Huygens GPU Acceleration.

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The Huygens Software is well known for its fast processing and high-quality deconvolution results. With the new GPU acceleration option you obtain the same high-quality results, yet even faster. Learn more.
We offer 4 different GPU acceleration options for Huygens: Small (standard included in Huygens), Medium, Large and Extreme GPU option. An overview of which option is required for your GPU card can be found here. You also always contact us in case you are not sure which option you need of have any questions.
Yes, A Performance option can be added to your Huygens license to make use of up to 8 GPU cards in parallel. Learn more.

Installation / Activation

In order to install / activate the Huygens GPU Acceleration you need to download and install the latest NVIDIA Driver for your GPU card as well as the latest CUDA Toolkit. Furthermore, you need the have a valid Hugyens License / Subscription with a sufficient GPU Acceleration option for your GPU Card. Please see also the user guide for more information.
The error could have several causes, we created a checklist you can follow to resolve the error or find the cause of the error. You can find the checklist here.
GPU acceleration is active and working when the GPU icon in the task bar has color. If the GPU icon in the task bar is grayed-out, GPU Acceleration is not active. You can edit your GPU usage in the Huygens Preferences window (under EDIT → PREFERENCES).
If you have the Performance Plus, Mega or Extreme option in your Huygens licenses, you can use multiple GPU cards. To choose all or less of the available GPU cards: Go to Help -> GPU status. You see all available GPU cards, you can select or deselect each of them and select the primary (default) GPU card that should be used.

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