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Installation and Use

Yes. To test Huygens Everywhere, please download Huygens and request a login for a free trial valid for 14 days. You can request a trail for Huygens-Essential, Huygens-Professional and Huygens-Localizer
Absolutely, you can use your Huygens login account on any computer (Windows, Mac OS X and Linux) with web access that has Huygens installed from Download.
Huygens is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. It is advised to have at least 4GB RAM and 2 CPU cores in your computer. Huygens advanced 3D visualization does not need an advanced graphics card. Although not required, GPU acceleration does significantly improve the computational performance. See also Available Platforms
The icons represent the Huygens basics. These basics and their included options can be specifically activated with the appropriate account or license that you have received from us.
Yes. Huygens Everywhere can be configured so that it can be used by just one person, or by many at the same time. Login credentials can be shared or each person can have his/her own login. Access to Huygens Everywhere can be configured by the license holder within the Huygens Everywhere User Portal
Your colleagues can create a SVI username and password using this online registration form. You can add a username to your account via Huygens Everywhere User Portal.
In order to access the Huygens Everywhere servers you need to open port 9118 in your proxy server and firewall for connections with:
  • license4.svi.nl
  • license5.svi.nl
  • license6.svi.nl
  • license-fallback.svi.nl

Account and Subscription

When you order your subscription via our website, and pay via a PayPal account, you are able to cancel your subscription via PayPal in your active subscription settings. In case you paid without using a PayPal account or are unable to cancel the subscription via PayPal, it is always possible to cancel your subscription by contacting us via phone or email. Please make sure you provide us with the username of your Huygens Everywhere account and/or email address that was used for the payment in this case.
Of course! Huygens Everywhere can be configured so that it can be used by only one person or by many at the same time on any computer with Huygens installed. Your colleagues can also get their own personal Huygens Everywhere fitting their specific research.
Yes, your subscription will be automatically prolonged. You can stop your subscription at any time (See How can I edit/cancel my Huygens Everywhere subscription).
Yes this is possible. To stop your subscription go to PayPal if you have an account and cancel your Huygens subscription orcontact us with your username and email address of the purchaser. To restart, go to the SVI webshop or email to sales at svi.nl if your wished for configuration in not available in the webshop.
After logging in on the SVI website, click on your username in the top right. Under "preferences" you can change your email address and/or password.
Yes. You can register again at svi.nl and create a new user account. Beware that your current Huygens Everywhere credentials then needs updating. For activating your new account, please contact us and mention your old and new username.
When registering for the Huygens website you are asked to give a username and your email address. You can access with both the Huygens website. You can log in to Huygens Everywhere only with your username. So if your username and email address are the same you can access the software with it as well. If you use another username please use that. If you want to view or change your email address and/or password: login on the SVI website, click on your username in the top right, select "preferences" and change if necessary.

Microscopy images

Huygens Everywhere reads with high precision nearly all mainstream microscopy file types. See File Formats for all imported and exported file types.
The best file format for saving image to is ICS2, because this format is also used by many other software packages, does not compromise data quality, and stores the image metadata and dimensions correctly. HDF5 and OME are also widely used. See File formats (https://svi.nl/fileformats).
Various parameters should be taken into account when acquiring images. The two important ones being sampling and clipping. Consult our Nyquist Calculator for the best possible sampling advise and clipping can be prevented by avoiding too much light. In general, avoid zero and maximum intensity values. See also: Acquisition Pitfalls.
Huygens can recognize and correct a broad range of imaging issues. You can read more at the Huygens Imaging Academy. For direct information on image acquisition, see this webpage: Acquisition Pitfalls.


Not found the answer you were looking for? Please feel free to contact us or visit Huygens Imaging Academy.

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