Image Feeder/Watch Folder

The Image Feeder is a sort of dropbox for Huygens Essential and Professional.

From Huygens version 14.10 onwards the Image Feeder is available. Any folder can be selected as the "Image Feeder" directory, in which you can save your newly acquired or existing datasets so that they are automatically send to the Huygens software.

Since Huygens version 17.10, it is possible to automatically deconvolve images present within the Image Feeder with Deconvolution Express, and to have them saved in another directory, which can also be specified.

To activate the ImageFeeder directory, go in Essential or Professional to Edit -> Preferences -> choose the Directory tab -> Activate 'Enable Image-Feeder'. Here you can also specify the "Image Feeder" directory, and what should be the directory for the resulting datasets (see screenshot below).