SVI Nyquist Calculator App (Android)

We have released a new SVI Nyquist Calculator App for Android devices with which you can accurately determine the imaging sampling distances according to the Nyquist theorem. If your aim is to acquire images that have optimal detailed information of your object under your microscope then it is imperative to follow the advised sampling rate. Also deconvolution gives much better results with well-acquired images. Since many years, we have a NyquistCalculator on our website that advises microscopists to image optimally. This calculator has turned out to be very popular. With this new Nyquist Calculator App we hope to serve again many of our users, and to further contribute to better imaging and science!


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Or directly from here by means of the APK file, without using the Play Store.
Download the Nyquist App here for Android 10 or lower: nyquist_calculator_1.9.6.apk (English, 简/繁体中文)
Download the Nyquist App here for Android 11 or higher: Nyquist Calculator 2.0.0 (English, 简/繁体中文)

Screenshots of the free SVI Nyquist Calculator app (Android)!

device-2015-04-09-163346.png device-2015-04-09-163414.png device-2015-04-09-163516.png