Olympus Fluoview 300 and FVX

This is part of the Backprojected Pinhole Calculator.

Pinhole reported as an integer parameter


The pinhole size is given by the FV 300 microscope as an integer number which maps to the diameter of the circular physical pinhole as in the following table:

Reported parameter Diameter (µm)
1 60
2 100
3 150
4 200
5 300

Use the reported value directly as an input in the form below, it will be translated accordingly to that table.

The FVX has the same pinholes, but we do not know at this moment how are they reported. If you know the diameter, use the table above to find the integer index that identifies it to fill in the form below.

The system magnification of the FV 300 is reported by the Olympus engineers to be 3.426. From Olympus America representatives we knew that this is also the magnification of the FVX model.


Reported parameter
Objective magnification