Parameter templates (also called microscope templates)

Microscope parameters can be saved by the acquisition software as metadata with the image file.
Huygens reads this metadata automatically from the file when an image is opened. You can have a look at these parameters immediately via the tabs (Statistics, Optical and Nyquist) located at the right of the main window.

Neraly all parameters are read from any File Format. You can assume that the acquisition software does not save parameters like the refractive index of the sample medium and coverslip position, which can be entered manually. The backprojected pinhole size is usually included can be be verified with the Back-Projected Pinhole Calculator. Because Tiff files usually lack most of the metadata, it is advised to verify the parameters using the Huygens microscopic parameter Editor.

The Parameter Editor can be accessed via the 2nd icon under the image thumbnail, the corresponding icon in the main menu, the 'Edit' menu, or by right clicking on an image in the main Huygens window. After parameter verification, the editor offers the possibility to save the microscopic parameters as a template file. This template file can be used with with similarly type of data, which makes parameter tuning and confirmation faster and more reliable. Microscopic parameter templates can also used in the Workflow Processor to facilitate batch processing.

Huygens Essential's Parameter Editor - click to open larger view
Huygens Essential's Parameter Editor - click to open larger view


Templates are saved to disk as files with suffix .hgst. The Huygens common templates directory is named Templates, and resides in the Huygens installation directory, namely /usr/local/svi/Templates on Unix systems, C:\Program Files\SVI\Templates on Windows and /Applications/SVI/Templates on the Mac OS X. The user's personal templates directory is called SVI and it can be found in the user's home directory.