Pro Slicer

The Pro Slicer is a newly developed visualization tool for the Huygens Professional. Like the Twin Slicer and the old Pro Expand Viewer, it shows a single 2D plane extracted from a 3D volume.

In this improved tool you have more control to select any plane orientation in space, and navigate through the volume by scrolling through the available planes.

For Time Series, a separate control is available to scroll through the available time frames.


Multi Channel images can be shown as semitransparent layers of different colors.

Controls are available to set the contrast, brightness and color scheme for the different channels. Color schemes now include 'spectral' colors: the displayed color of a channel matches the true color of the emission wavelength in so far this is possible.


You can link two views of the same object by opening two slicers for the same image: when linking is active, right clicking on the main view will change the other view's center to the clicked coordinate, regardless of its orientation.

You can also link views of different images to explore different objects simultaneously.