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Crosstalk (aka bleed-through or crossover) is a serious problem when analysing multichannel microscopy images, because you record some signal as a certain dye when it really comes from a different one. With Huygens CrossTalk Corrector you can quickly estimate and correct crosstalk between multiple channels simultaneaously. Learn more
In fluorescence microscopes, crosstalk (also frequently referred to as bleedthrough) can occur when acquiring a multi-channel image. In that case, the emission radiation of a given emission wavelength is detected by the wrong detector because part of the photons go through the wrong optical path inside the microscope (e.g. because the filters efficiency is not 100%). Therefore, some signal is actually recorded as coming from a certain dye when it really comes from a different one.
There are three ways to set the crosstalk between channels. The simplest is to press the ESTIMATE button and let the tool determine the crosstalk coefficients. If the estimation is not satisfactory the crosstalk coefficients can be adjusted manually. The crosstalk coefficients can be manually adjusted by moving the handles within the 2D histogram, or by switching to matrix view and changing the elements in the matrix

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