Huygens Data Plotter

The Huygens Data Plotter is a graphical tool available in Huygens Professional and Huygens Essential for quick inspection of datasets like light flux or intensity profiles along a 3D image. The data plotter is available in the Twin Slicer, and also in the Deconvolution wizard.

Huygens version 3.3 and higher


  • Left-click and drag to use the plot measurement tool
  • Double-left-click to create a tag on the plot
  • Right-click, drag, and release to zoom into a selected area
  • Middle-click to reset the plot
  • The scroll wheel zooms in or out
  • The arrow keys pan
  • C clears all tags
  • D removes the last tag
  • R resets the plot
  • O shows the origin
  • W changes the color scheme
  • M changes the plotting mode
  • Y toggles logarithmic scaling
  • S exports the plot to Post Script
  • E exports the data to Comma Separated Values (CSV)
  • T exports tags to Comma Separated Values (CSV)
  • H or F1 open the help page
  • + zooms in
  • - zooms out

Huygens 3.0


On the plotter window you have the following options:

  • Moving the mouse over the image gives you the coordinates at the bottom of the window.
  • Double-click or Ctrl+click tags a point on the plot with its coordinates.
  • Clicking with the mouse right button draws a rectangle that serves as a measuring tool. Finishing the selection again with the same button zooms to the selected area. Clicking with the mouse left button hides the selector.
  • Clicking with the middle-button or pressing the R key resets the zoom to fit the data.
  • D deletes the last added tag, and C clears all of them.
  • S saves the current graph as a Post Script file.
  • E exports the data as Comma Separated Values (CSV).
  • T exports the list of created tags as CSV.
  • W changes the color scheme. Specially usefull is the gray scale one, for exporting the image.
  • M changes the plotting mode, from lines to dots.
  • Use the arrows for panning, and +/- for zooming in and out
  • ESCAPE closes the graph.
  • H or F1 opens this help article