Huygens Essential: deconvolution a few mouse clicks away

Huygens Essential is part of the Huygens Software, tailored for deconvolution and processing of microscopy images. Its wizard-driven user interface guides you through the process of deconvolving microscopy images. Huygens Essential is able to deconvolve a wide variety of images ranging from 2D widefield (WF) images to 4D Multi Channel multi-photon confocal images. Comparison views of raw and deconvolved results is easily performed with the dual 4D slicer tool, and powerful and fast renderers produce high quality representations of your data, not needing any special graphics card.

Huygens Essential's wizard-driven user interface (click to open larger view).

Based on the same image processing engine as Huygens Professional, Huygens Essential combines the quality and speed of the algorithms available in Huygens Professional with the ease of use of a wizard-driven intelligent user interface. Also, Huygens Essential is based on cross-platform technology which makes it available on a large range of platforms.


Processing stages in the Deconvolution Wizard

Huygens Essential's deconvolution is split into processing stages. In the first pre-processing stage, the intelligent parameter checker scrutinizes the Microscopy Parameters. It highlights suspicious optical conditions and warns you for UnderSampling conditions. You can save the confirmed parameters in a Parameter Template for future re-use for other images.

Huygens Essential deconvolution wizard (click to open larger view).

In the next stages of the deconvolution wizard you can use the automatic cropping tool, inspect the Image Histogram to spot clipping or saturation and inspect the image BackGround.

The wizard asks to open the cropping tool or crop the image automatically (click to open larger view).

The image histogram is important to detect clipping and inspecting the image (click to open larger view).

The Surface Renderer (optional; click to open larger view).