Object Tracker questions

The score refers to a 'probability score' that each object gets after detection. The probability is a number that is based on different types of features of objects. Objects with a high probability are most likely objects that should be tracked, while objects with a low probability are most likely 'garbage'.
The 'Optimizing object detection' screen allows you to define thresholds on the number of objects, probability, size, and intensity. You can apply these together. Objects that are above or below the thresholds will be discarded. The probability is often a good first selecting criterion to start with, since it is based on several features of structures, including brightness. If all your objects of interest are very bright and clearly distinguishable it can be that the probability selection coincide with all the bright objects.

See also Object Tracker.
This can be done in the Object Tracker after the tracks have been calculated. You then will see a window in which you can click on the 'Next' button to pop-up a track editing window. If you click in the scene on a track or on one of the 'Tracks' in the text-list, you can delete or change the tracks.

See also Object Tracker.