The Huygens Object Tracker

Tracking Wizard

  • Train detector by selecting objects and background.
  • Detect objects using brightness and other features.
  • Define thresholds on the number of objects, brightness, and width.
  • Use object geometry and orientation for connecting tracks.
  • Quick edit tracks (remove, break, connect).
  • Export tracks to Track Analyzer.
  • Save track detection settings to a template file to re-use.
  • Save tracks for future analysis in the Track Analyzer.


Track Analyzer

  • Analyze position; distance from track origin as histogram and time-plot, Mean Squared Displacement (MSD) and Diffusion Coefficient
  • Analyze speed; histogram, average speed, and x vs y velocity scatter plot.
  • Analyze flow; transport through a surface, defined using a line/poly-line in a Z-projection. Plot flux vs. time.
  • Analyze axial rotation and 3D angular speed of objects.
  • Export data to CSV file for any further analysis in e.g. Excel and Matlab.
  • Export graphs to EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) file.


See also the Huygens Manuals for more information.

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