Float type numbers

In the Huygens Software, 32-bit float type is one of the number representations used by the Huygens Compute Engine to describe VoXels intensities in an image. It is a signed 32 bit type (single precision). The valid range is therefore floating point reals, positive and negative, with absolute values ranging from 1.17549435E-38 to 3.40282347E+38, including the zero.

Note: When saving a FloatType image, it is very difficult to compress the file, since there is a large variety of image-values. Therefore, images of this type are usually very large. When you have a lot of background in your image, i.a.w. there are a lot of values very close to zero, you might consider converting the image to an IntegerType image, such that background becomes zero. It is then much easier to compress, and the file size decreases significantly, e.g. from 1GB to 50 MB.

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