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Huygens software refers to different Fluorescence Microscope image processing packages from Scientific Volume Imaging, avaliable for multiple platforms, made for

of 2D and 3D Multi Channel microscopy images or Time Series.

The restoration is based on different deconvolution algorithms, that permit the recovery of objects from images that are degraded by blurring and noise. In microscopy the blurring is largely due to diffraction limited imaging by the instrument; the noise is usually Photon Noise.

Huygens software is named after the Dutch physicist Christiaan Huygens, famous among other things for his Huygens Principle.

Part of the Huygens Software are, among others:

Follow their links to see how they work!!! Some of the software functionalities require a License String to work, but there are also many FreeWare tools that can run without any license. In any case you can always get a free test license to try all the functionalities. For that, just Contact Svi.

What is deconvolution, and how does the Huygens Software do it? Read more details in Doing Deconvolution.


You can download the software and the user manuals from our Download page.


A good starting point in this wiki to learn how to use the Huygens Software is the Tutorials page.

For more details you can take a look at the available online Huygens Documentation.


Scientific references to SVI software.


See Whats New and Current Versions.

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